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Rules of Aikido practice as written by O Sensei (1935)

1. Proper Aikido can never be mastered unless one strictly follows the instructor’s teachings
2. Aikido as martial art is perfected by being alert to everything going around us and leaving no vulnerable opening
3. Practice becomes joyful and pleasant once one has trained enough not to be bothered by pain
4. Do not be satisfied with what has been taught at the Dojo. One must constantly digest experiment and develop what has been learned.
5 .One should never force things unnaturally or unreasonably in practice. He should undertake training suited to his body, physical condition and age.
6. The aim of Aikido is to develop the truly human self. it should not be used to display ego.
These points are central to Aikido practice and are still upheld at Hombu Dojo in Japan.