Personal and Organization Development
Address: Bahrain, Seef, block 436, road 3647, bldg 2605, Gold Line Building. For information call 973 36242230 or email


We all have careers, hobbies and dreams. The aim is to bring together minds that think alike, people who are not afraid to learn from others’ experiences. Bringing speakers from different areas of life and business will make the event inspiring, fun and interesting. The general theme will always be about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT but the path can vary from person to person. With every theme, the common ground is focusing on improving one or more aspects of our lives.

 March Event subject – 26 March 2017

The first event’s main speaker was Teodor Ardeleanu – Manager and Corporate Trainer who left his full time job to follow his dream and become a teacher, mentor and coach. Teodor delivered a presentation on the science of energy and martial arts, and the way they are connected to our day to day life, business, healing and interactions with others.

The WHY – Get together once a month a group of individuals that want not only to break t
he routine of a normal life in Bahrain but to network with people with similar interests in personal development.

The WHEN – the pilot event was 26th of March 2017.

Every last Saturday of the month starting at 10:05am ending by 11:00am. During this time, there will be a presentation followed by questions and answers as well as a group interaction.

The WHERE – Every month the event will be somewhere else.  First event took place in Jones the Grocer