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Nadeen School Senior Children Class

Aikido Training
The constant training allows the children to  focus their energy, to increase their power of concentration to learn to respect the others and to appreciate the non-violence. The absence of the competition allows everybody to progress in his/hers own learning capacity without a pressure of a contest.
Aikido is giving a good mental equilibrium to the child in a non-violent environment.
Aikido techniques privilege the suppleness instead of  force, releasing the aggressiveness.
Aikido favorites a harmonious development because the child learn how to react, to create, how to open his potential and his own possibilities.
Aikido gives back the self confidence for  those children who have inhibitions and calm those ones overflowing.

 The respect and the discipline are the core values of martial arts we practice at Ki Train. During practice, from the start of the class, we respect the teacher, we respect our colleagues and nevertheless we respect ourselves. The acceptance of the our partner is a big part of the training.
 Avoidance of violence is the heart of Aikido. Children learn not how to fight, but how to cooperate; how to resolve conflict in a positive way; how to make friends and avoid
making enemies.
They learn self-defense, but more importantly, they learn self-confidence,
self-respect and the path to self-discovery. In a world increasingly filled with stress
and conflict, these lessons are survival tools for children of all ages.
Every individual has a motivation when doing something. Anyone can start practicing a
martial art but few are continuing for years or even their entire life.
Children today are focusing on computer games, watching TV, competitions where all
is about winning. Our world is surrounded by a continuous competition where we must
be better than the others, must have more money, bigger cars, bigger houses. Very few
places or activities we find today where competition does not exist in a way or another.
(One more reason for practicing and understanding aikido – where the only true competition
is with yourself).
Become a better person, more understanding, patient, more positive, better communicator
are only few of the benefits of practicing aikido.
Last but not least, practicing aikido gives children the confidence to react in a conflict in
a positive way. Watch an aikido class everywhere in the world and you will see people
training and interacting (not fighting) with a smile on their face.
This, if practiced consistently has an impact not only in the dojo (the place we train) but in the day to day life, where we are facing daily all types of conflicts.