Perfect Skin - Slow Down Aging

In this course you will learn a practical method to improve and maintain your skin general condition, using ancient Qi Gong techniques as seen through the eyes of recent discoveries of modern science and biology.

Skin covers the entire body. It represents the final frontier, the border between the physical body and the environment. It is what defines the inside and outside of the body. A protective layer defining the vital space and in the same time a link between the inner being and the rest of the world. The skin is a mirror showing how a person really is or how he/she feels. If a person is very sensitive, the skin will be sensitive too. If gentle, the skin will be gentle too. On the contrary, if a person is hard on him/her self or with the others, the skin will too become hard and thick. If the skin becomes irritated, there must be a reason behind it, either the person is irritated with self or others.

The Skin indicates the quality of the relationship with the outside world, either other people or simply the environment. The sense of “touch” is realized through the skin, an important role on how we perceive the world around us.

Aging is synonym with transformation. Living cells evolve, they regenerate and eventually they end up dying. Science found few exceptions of living organisms that are able to manage to endlessly regenerate to escape the final destination: death. So far, we are aware of a species of jellyfish called Turritopsis Dohrnii as well as another once called Hydra. Both of them have the special ability to renew their cells without having do die. Until science found these exceptions, there was no doubt that the concept of immortality cannot be real.

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