Leadership Soft Skills

Leadership is not a quality, its not a job or a designation. Leadership is the moment of true magnetism between humans. It is the moment when some become leaders and some followers. Genuine leaders prepare continually to be ready to lead by example. Leaders are wise because they know when their moment has come, using their free will ability to make choices, decisions to be followed by others. Natural leaders easily stay humble, recognizing leadership qualities in others.

There is no competition among leaders, just respect and admiration, with compassion for all.

To be prepared as a leader, it is best to acquire excellent soft skills to enhance leadership  abilities:

Transform your company standards into powerful habits

Efficient communication

Feedback skills

Delegate and follow up

Disciplinary actions

Set SMART goals

Team building

Process improvement

Recruit using more than intuition

Take risk / make sound decisions

Understand profit & loss

Owner – customer – team dynamics

Work-life balance

Energy dynamics in your company/department

Empowerment – how to set leadership free

Learn how to motivate your team

Workshop is available in different formats and can be tailored to any time restrictions.

Compact: 3- day workshop

Long term: 6-week (one half day workshop every week, with homework and assignments from week to week and implementation of the knowledge acquired in the job)

Coaching one on one is available on request.

Investment includes: workshop delivery, manual for each participant, certificate of completion