Every organization, no matter how big or small, should design an orientation program for their employees.

Every new recruited employee goes through a process of learning about the new job, the environment, the new boss, his or her colleagues, maybe a new country and cultural differences.

The faster you get your new colleagues acquainted with their job, the faster you can count on them to be productive.

We tailor Orientation Programs based on the following guidelines:


       Warm welcome from the leadership team

      Country culture / customs

       Organization culture

       Understand organization chart

       Organization mission and vision

      Leadership team dynamics

       Employee benefits

      Resources for job optimal performance

      Opportunities to grow with the company

      Training provided

      Job safety analysis

     Yearly evaluation, company goals, individual goals

     Feedback channels, human resources

     Team building motivation


We tailor, deliver and train your leaders to deliver the orientation in a full day long workshop.

We design the employee manual with all the orientation elements, including the given standards, rules and regulations of the company. (Digital format)