Service Recovery

The most loyal clients are usually the ones who have been very well taken care of in difficult situations. Every large international company pays great attention to how service recovery is handled by the line staff. This requires a high level of empowerment and a clear understanding of the compensation guidelines.

How far can an employee go to satisfy a client? If we think about loyalty and how much it really costs to lose a client, then there are no limits. The only limit is your own imagination.

Answering complaints by email can sometimes be hazardous and can bring up liability problems that can cost your company a lot of money, time and energy.

4-hour workshop topics:

L E A R N model

Active listening vs listening

Empathy is the key to being genuine

The iceberg of complaints

Using service recovery for process improvement

Reporting vs hiding complaints

Compensation guidelines

Problem free process

Handling phone complaints

Handling complaints by email

It includes an excel app that can help your team track all  comments and complaints over time as well as making sure that they are solved in a proper manner. Tracking your problem experience issues can help you make the right decision as a business owner. Sometimes small issues are hidden or not given the right importance.

For example: if you would know that 40% of your clients are complaining about the internet speed, your decision to invest in a better internet will be easy to make.

Investment includes: workshop delivery, manual for each participant, certificate of completion, excel application tailored to your company needs.