The Team

Teodor Ardeleanu – Martial Arts Instructor, Leadership Coach

Teodor enjoyed being a leader since he was a child, leading a football team as a captain when he was only 8 years old. He then moved forward becoming a manager for one of the biggest chains of hotels in the world only when he was 22 years old.

Teodor became a certified trainer for soft skills while he continued his martial arts training and study. Being a trainer and having same time a formal managerial job gave Teodor the opportunity to understand the differences and similarities between theory and practice while having to understand the mechanism of situational leadership.

After 15 years of leading people working in various positions, Teodor decided to leave his job following his dream of helping people of all ages and personalities for personal development.

His overwhelming passion for working with kids makes him an inspiring teacher also when dealing with adults, as he strongly believes in the motto: “The highest form of learning is teaching others”.

Although Teodor believes that his main quality is being a people’s person, it worth mentioning is formal qualifications:

  • Teodor Ardeleanu

    Bachelor degree in Economics

  • Hospitality training
  • Foundation of Leadership
  • Financial advanced training
  • International Trainer certified by Marriott International
  • 7 Habits of Highly effective people by Stephen Covey
  • At the Helm – a fundamental training for any manager
  • Developing you developing others – (based on Argos study 360 degree)
  • Navigating through change – how to adapt to changes
  • Dynamic Teams
  • Aikido Instructor – certified by Hombu Dojo Japan – Shodan
  • Tai chi & Ba Gua instructor -certified by Kunming Kung Fu School China