What is Ki Train

Ki Train is a concept of personal development for all ages.


In order to change, we need first to achieve self awareness in terms of where we are NOW.  There are certain ways to obtain information about ourselves: from people close to us like family and friends, co-workers, our boss, from our employees, from our teachers, from anyone who can have an opinion about us. This has been developed in a theoretical concept called Johari window.

The more feedback we get from others about us, the more we know about ourselves.

This depends directly on our communication skills, feedback giving and receiving as well as how much we are interested to find out about ourselves. EGO factor is an element of high importance as it can turn us blinds towards improvement just because we think we are perfect already.

” Our image about ourselves depends directly on what others have been telling us since we are born till now” Might sound funny, however true.

Another way to explore yourself is by practicing silent meditation or another sort of guided meditation which some would call hypnosis, in the second case you would need someone who studied thoroughly this science.

Next Steps…

We identify where we are and what are the areas we want to work on, then we can identify solutions for each area.

In coaching/personal development we act on 3 levels or areas: Body, Energy and Mind.

Each area which needs improvement or healing will be considered and focused on with different habits during the coaching or training sessions. Ki Train considers that every individual has a maximum potential which can be reached if worked on.

For example:

The Body – or the physical Me – Healthy eating habits, GYM, Fitness, Breathing, Fasting, Sleeping right, Martial Arts practice, Reflexology

The Energy – or the Ki (Chi) – Energy Martial Arts – Tai Chi, Bagua, Aikido, Meditation.

The Mind – Awareness, Motivation, Leadership, Meditation, Coaching, Training, Individual Study, Time Management, Goals Setting



Ki Train‘s mission is to help individuals of all ages to achieve their best levels of potential through guiding, coaching, training, self study.