Work-Life Harmony

Achieve harmony every day is the ultimate goal of everyone.

Sometimes work takes over completely, and even the greatest success at work cannot be fully tasted if not in harmony with the rest of the areas of our life.

This inspirational workshop takes you to a journey inward, bringing together past present and future. Learn how to prioritize into a fast track world of today where everything happens instantly.

Workshop outlines:

Priorities vs time management

Setting personal goals vs dreams without deadlines

Return to basics – reset your life path

Self evaluation

Jo-Hari window

Health is a personal choice

Bucket list with SMART goals on short, medium and long term

Motivation changes with age. Find yours.

Reactivate your hobbies

Mental bank program

Program include a full day workshop plus individual follow up after 3 month to evaluate the results. The program includes a mental bank notebook with instructions as well as a workshop manual.

Optional, online evaluation 360o based on feedback from people you selected.