Qi Gong Routine

Qi Gong means moving energy. Our body and mind are both forms of energy. The body is a denser form of energy than the mind, but both follow the same principles.

Qi Gong works by the principle: “the energy flows where intention goes”. Therefore, Qi Gong is both a mental and physical exercise.

The following routine is composed of five routines which must be practiced in the same order, without any breaks in between:

Exercise 1 – Warming up the physical body. (4.28min)

Exercise 2 – Qi Gong special warm up routine to unblock the meridians and prepare the body to receive more energy. (7.35min)

Exercise 3 – Kidney and Lungs exercise. (10.25min)

Exercise 4 – Liver exercise (7.56min)

Exercise 5 – Self-healing exercise (8.22min)

Warm up General Routine
Qi Gong Warm Up
Energizing the Kidney and Lung
Liver Qi Gong Routine
Qi Gong Healing Routine