Opening Routine

Before we even start moving our body, we adopt an attitude of humility, preparing for unity of mind and body. Stay in silence, waiting to form the connection with the inner self. Relax your shoulders, neck and face muscles, being ready to be in touch with your perception and intuition.

  1. As you stand with your feet close to each other, shift your weight in the right leg, and start lifting your left leg, moving it to the left, until you achieve a distance equal to the distance between your shoulders. Shift your body weight in the center.
  2. Lift your arms until they reach the level of the shoulders and sink the down together with your lower abdomen. Relax your arms as you are lowering them down, resting on your upper thighs.

Further details:

  1. Always keep your back straight, and the entire body relaxed.
  2. Never squat too low. Keep in mind the law of moderation, do not put too much pressure on your knees or cause any pain.