Begin by lowering your shoulders and sinking down your energy into the lower abdomen area (lower DANTIAN).

Relax the neck. By doing this, you ensure that the brain is connected with the rest of the body (through the neck and spine). On a parallel level, we connect the Mind with the Body, preparing to ‘listen’.

Practicing humility provides unlimited learning opportunities for those who seek wisdom.

Problems do not exist without solutions, just as yin and yang do not exist without each other. When you cannot solve a problem using your conscious mind, remember that a solution always exists; the problem might already have been solved by someone else or even by another version of yourself, in a parallel reality. It’s like using the internet to search for a certain topic; you access different pages by typing in key words.

Starting with Yin

Each routine starts by moving the left foot, to initialize the first step. Perhaps the reasoning behind this goes beyond mere coincidence without further meaning. Upon deeper analysis, the left side of the body is associated with Yin, and Yin is receptive. It is about listening, perception and intuition, the tools we use to access the silent inner worlds. Starting Tai Chi practice with Yin energy sets the tone for humility in action. We cannot speak or act effectively without listening first. A true leader takes action by first listening to everyone involved, before assessing a situation appropriately and speaking on it.