Tai Chi Yang 24

This routine is probably the most wide spread Tai Chi routine worldwide. In China, it is generally practiced in pubic spaces, considered common knowledge among practitioners.

Tai Chi Yang 24 routine takes about a month to learn and memorize. If you want to master the moves, repetition is required. The routine has enough variations between the left and the right side of the body to provide you a balanced workout. It uses high and low postures, wide and narrow, with a nice balance of static stances and dynamic postures.

We recommend to study and repeat each lesson for at least a week, and only when you master it with your eyes closed, move to to the following.

Tai Chi Yang 24 is a beautiful routine that has the power to calm the mind.

Never practice the form without performing a thorough warm up.


  1. Calming down the mind and spirit
  2. Improve digestion
  3. Relaxing the breathing
  4. Muscle relaxation
  5. Good for meditation and inner peace

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