Listen to “Tai Chi-The Book”

Tai Chi – The Path Towards Self-Healing narrated by the Author

Chapter 1. My Tai Chi Journey

Chapter 2. The Truth about Tai Chi Chuan

Chapter 3. Life Experiences: The Unfolding of Yin and Yang

Chapter 4. Tai Chi and the Five Elements

Chapter 5. Tai Chi and Water Programming

Chapter 6. Internal vs External Martial Arts

Chapter 7. Dissolving the Ego

Chapter 8. The Art of Relaxation

Chapter 9. The Path of Moderations

Chapter 10. Learning How to Focus

Chapter 11. Tai Chi and Neuroplasticity

Chapter 12. Momentum and the Death of Free Will

Chapter 13. Self-Healing Benefits of Tai Chi

Chapter 14. Tai Chi for Healers

Chapter 15. Tai Chi and Yoga

Chapter 16. Can You Learn Tai Chi on Your Own?

Chapter 17. Let’s Practice

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