Lesson 11: Earth


Tolerant and forgiving nature, earth type people will never say no, trying to please everyone at all times. That can be a burden especially when the others figure out that they can take advantage of the Earth type people.

Comfort zone and home are what an Earth type is looking for, and suffering deeply when separated from familiar comforts.

Predominant Emotion

The predominant emotions related to Earth types are overthinking, worry and feeling stuck. They are peacemakers, trying to keep everyone happy. Earth type do not like conflict situations.

Earth Organs

The Spleen – is the organ that transforms the food and drinks into energy and blood. After completing the transformation, it will transport and distribute them throughout the body. Spleen nourishes the muscles.

The Stomach – it is considered the “Sea of Nutrients”. Stomach needs to function well to absorb all the necessary energy from food and drinks.

Imbalances in the Earth Energy

When an imbalance occurs, it is usually associated either with too much energy or too less. Therefore, we have two potential categories of imbalances:

Excess Earth

The fact that Earth type wants to please everyone can become all-consuming. When there are no boundaries, Earth types do not know when to stop giving. The worst fear is deprivation. When they feel lonely, they turn to food for gratification: especially sweets. An excess of Earth energy contributes to an intense feeling of emptiness longing for more food, more love and more attention. Some physical symptoms: excess saliva, frequent bruising, lack of energy and endurance; thyroid problems; obesity.

Deficient Earth

This usually begins in childhood, when we need more that ever love and attention. When we don’t feel loved or appreciated, we feel abandoned. When we are deficient in Earth energy, the foods and fluids cannot be turned into energy by the spleen and stomach. Usually this creates an excess of dampness (see Lesson 14- Outer influences). Physical symptoms: lack of saliva, loose stools, and poor muscle tones.

Earth Biorhythm

The time when the fire’s energy is the most intense it between 7am and 11am. A time to clear your mind, and start your day fresh without worry or anxiety.

Earth Season

Earth doesn’t have a season of its own. It is the last 10 days of each season, when the forces of nature are changing from one element to another. That is why the Earth is at the center of the Yin Yang symbol.