Lesson 1: Why should I learn Qi Gong

Introduction video

Health is Balance

If someone asked me why I recommend Qi Gong, my answer would be immediate: I want to be healthy and balanced. For a Qi Gong practitioner Balance is the equivalent of Health.

When you learn about Qi Gong you will come to understand the basics of Ancient Chinese Medicine, which uses natural methods to treat and heal and to balance the internal organs. Qigong is a way of self-healing based on the principles of Yin and Yang – a question of how to find balance.

In the West, people take medicines or drugs, vitamins and high nutrition foods in an attempt to make themselves healthy. Gradually the body becomes saturated with these substances – which are already present in a healthy body – and after a while the body becomes reliant on them. As a result, if people forget to take their pills or ‘health food’ or other props, they become weak and tired.

The body starts to lose its normal functions and can no longer produce its own energy. The search for different or stronger medicines and specialist doctors continues until there is nothing and no one left who can
offer any help. What a very depressing way to try to become healthy and to treat our ailments!

The modern food is prepared in such a way that it can be ingested faster.

Everything in modern society is geared towards making life easy so we do not need to work hard to get what we want. In other words, it is all about staying in the comfort zone, not allowing the body to find balance from day to day. Instead the habits of being in the comfort zone will keep us in a fake balance of easy life.

Everyone wants a formula for finding balance from someone else: a doctor, a nutritionist, a life coach, etc. But true balance can only be found through listening and understanding what our body needs.

And this is what Qi Gong provides us with: a valuable tool of communication with our body. Increased levels of self-awareness, practicing moderation and relaxation, allowing the energy to move through the body.

Seeking balance every day is a life quest of a healthy human being. Qi Gong is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain balance.