Lesson 2: The Origins of Qi

The Origins of Qi

Plants, animals and the human beings, when they area alive they have a sort of electricity going through their physical bodies. The ‘Qi’ is the substance that maintains life within our beings.

In all religions there are similar stories about the creation of the human beings, and they all have something in common: a life substance called in this case: Qi (氣 – Chinese), Ki (氣 – Japanese) or Prana (India).

In the Quran the Qi is called the soul of God. In the Bible it is called the breathing of God.

One thing is very obvious: Life does not exist without Qi. Even though we cannot see it with naked eyes, the practice of Qi Gong is teaching us to feel it, move it, focus it and use if to self-heal our bodies.

Qi is not ours to keep or to give. We can only enhance it, use it to self-heal, and than let go of it.