Lesson 3: What is Qi Gong?

Each time we search for the meaning of a concept, one of the safest ways to grasp its true meaning is by analyzing the words in the dictionary. When it comes to researching in a totally foreign language such as the Chinese language, it is best to ask a native speaker about the meaning of the words.

When it comes to Qi Gong words origins, deciphering the characters may take a while, but once you know the story behind each one will indicate the true meaning behind the word.

The two characters that form the word Qi also define the connection between the Yang and Yin, represented by the Sun and Earth.

The character Qi also defines the two factories of energy in the body: the digestive and respiratory systems. Air is the lungs and Rice is the stomach and intestines.

Now, that we have defined the word Qi (氣), we can translate the word Gong (功). Gong means movement, effort or work of energy. Gong has to be understood in the context of the saying: “Qi flows where intention/attention goes”. With gong, we can direct the energy at will, in any part of our body, with the intention of self-healing.