Lesson 10: Fire


Loves being with people, working hard to create and sustain relationships. Very intuitive, telepathically is able to feel what others think or feel. Detachment from loved ones is one of the life lessons of a fire type person. The yearning to love another human being can be the greatest strength but also the greatest weakness.

Predominant Emotion

The predominant emotion is joy, a powerful tool to balance the rest of the emotions that we experience in life.

“The heart is the sovereign of all organs and represents the consciousness of one’s being. It is responsible for intelligence, wisdom and spiritual transformation”. The Yellow Emperor Classic

Fire Organs

The Heart – considered the seat of intelligence, the root of life that provides the inspiration for all highly developed mental functions: awareness, perception, intuition, inspiration as well the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings. The heart contains the “Shen” energy of spirit.

Pericardium – it is the organ that surrounds and protects the heart. It is considered to be filled with joy to maintain the good condition of the heart.

The Triple Burner – it is an energy organ that has no correspondence in the western medicine or anatomy. (More to be explained in the next level)

Small Intestine – an organ that separates the pure from the impure in the nutrients from food and drinks. The nutrients are transported to the spleen, where they are transformed into energy and blood. The impure parts are passed on to the large intestine.

Imbalances in the Fire Energy

When an imbalance occurs, it is usually associated either with too much energy or too less. Therefore, we have two potential categories of imbalances:

Excess Fire

It can express as overexcitement, as if just had too much coffee or too little sleep. Excess fire energy can be exhausting to you and the others. Too much fire energy can lead to manic behavior, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations, accelerated heart rate, painful indigestion.

Deficient Fire

In contrast to the above, the deficient fire can lead to fatigue, lethargy, and unfocused thoughts. It gets difficult to concentrate and paying attention, judgement is impaired. While the feelings may be intense, they just can’t be be expressed in a healthy way. Feeling of emptiness, chill inside and depression invade the body and mind.

Fire Biorhythm

The time when the fire’s energy is the most intense it between 11am and 3pm.

Fire Season

Summer is the season when the Sun is the most powerful, a time to relax and take vacation, to build up your energy.