Lesson 18: Immortal Breathing

Every Breath Cycle is a Life by Itself

Breathing dominates human life, and as long as the breath lasts, life continues. If the breath is smooth, the the whole body is in harmony, When the breath is imbalanced, the person will get sick. For Qi Gong practitioners, higher longevity is one of the main purposes, therefore special attention is given to breathing.

Immortal Breathing Guidelines

  • Relax the shoulders and neck
  • Inhale and exhale on on your nose
  • Keep your lips sealed, place tongue on the roof of your mouth, do not touch the upper teeth to the lower ones, to maintain relaxation within the jaw area
  • When inhaling, gentle contract the anus muscle
  • Inhale imagining the energy going up through the spine, all the way up around the hear, till reaching the point under the nose. Exhale down all the way to the base of your spine. Repeat the exercise at least 8 times.

Focus your Mind

While practicing the immortal breathing routine, focus your mind on the flow of energy going through the immortal belt (the unification of the two meridians as explained in the video)

Test your Energy Flow

Exercise 1

Place your right palm on a part of your body at your choice. Feel the energy transfer between your palm and that part of the body (usually translated into a warmth sensation either on the palm or on the body, or both). When the energy transfer stops, the sensation of warmth will cease.

At this point, start practicing the Immortal Breathing exercise and observe if the transfer of energy restarts, without moving your palm from the same place. Keep performing the immortal breathing until you succeed to refuel the transfer of energy between your palm and your body.

(You can do the same exercise with a partner using both your perception and your partner’s perception, in order to prove that the exercise works well and it is not only your imagination).

Exercise 2

Focus your energy (using your mind) into an area of your body. Feel the area – warmth, coldness, neutral.

Perform the Immortal Breathing while maintaining focus on the same area and observe if there is any change in the warmth of the area. Continue until you manage to heat up the area. When you succeed, you have manage to direct your energy with your mind.