Warm Up Routine

The Warm Up Routine

Warm up is very important when we practice Qi Gong. The purpose is to relax our body, relax all the joints and muscles as well as making sure that any stiffness is softened till being removed. The energy flows where intention/attention goes is the law of energy flow, but this cannot happen if we are not relaxed and flexible.

The following areas are main areas to warm up:

  • The neck
  • The shoulders
  • The elbows
  • The wrists
  • The Spine
  • The Hips
  • The knees
  • The ankles

Before we start the warm up, we pay attention to our body to perceive any stiffness or pain in our physical body. Warm up has to be able to dissolve it. Take your time to warm up the areas that need more attention.

Breathing Energy Increase Routine

This exercise is done after the warm up, with the purpose of increasing the levels of energy through breathing. We inhale when we lift our arms and exhale when we lower them.