Lesson 12: Metal


Metal types are drawn to core issues, essential principles of life. They are attracted to beauty, pleased by symmetry and inspired by purity. Small talk bores them to tears. Quality comes before quantity. Self-discipline is a trait of character. Power of concentration is at high levels especially when it comes to acquisition of knowledge.

Predominant Emotion

Grief and sadness. Letting go of the past is one of the most important lessons of a Metal type person.

Metal Organs

The Lung – rules the ongoing interaction between the interior and exterior world, through the breathing. In spiritual terms, the lung balances the ability to yield and demand, give and take, hold and let go.

Large Intestine – also called the dustbin collector, is responsible for making distinctions between harmless and harmful elements. The ability to discriminate between substances the body can use or not is attributed to the large intestine.

Imbalances in the Metal Energy

When an imbalance occurs, it is usually associated either with too much energy or too less. Therefore, we have two potential categories of imbalances:

Excess Metal

Excess metal creates a hardening effect, creating rigidity and unyielding character. It is difficult to find the road of compromise or yield to opposing viewpoints, and as a result, your belief system becomes inevitably rigid. When Metal energy is too strong, a basic lack of self-esteem will take over the thoughts and emotions. Physical symptoms: stiff muscles, inflexible spine and neck, dry skin, problem with breathing (shortness of breath, dry cough)

Deficient Metal

Because the metal rules rhythm and order, a deficiency results in a general state of confusion. Metaphorically speaking, the energy is liquefying and spilling out through your pores. Physical symptoms: congested nose, throat and sinuses; respiratory problems (pressure in the chest, difficult breathing)

Metal Biorhythm

The time when the metal’s energy is the most intense is between 3am and 7am. The best time to empty your colon is early morning before 7am. Also, practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi daily early morning is a great way to start your day, as you activate your mental power through the metal energies.

Metal Season

Autumn is the season when we compress our energies and eliminate what is no longer needed. Autumn reminds us to stay flexible before the winter (cold season). For metal types, autumn is the best time to do general cleaning in the house, to let go of all unnecessary items.