Qi Gong Basics

An introduction to the art of Qi Gong. Qi is the life energy we all need to survive, the liaison between the mind and the physical body. We produce it through digestion and breathing. We also use the environment to absorb it and use it to channel energy through the meridians, all the way to the cells in our body.

Decipher the meaning of Qi Gong through understanding Chinese Characters

To be able to understand and practice this ancient art, we need to learn the basic knowledge of energy mechanisms. This level provides a basic theoretical, practical and experiential practice. See below a brief summary of the course.


  • What is Qi? What is Qi Gong
  • Yin Yang
  • Five Elements Archetypes
The link between Yin/Yang and the Five Elements Theory
  • Achieving balance based on internal and external factors

Physical Practice

  • Warm up routine
  • The Eight Brocade routine explained

Mental Practice

  • Power of Focus
  • Self-awareness exercises

Breathing Practice

  • Immortal Breathing

Course Curriculum

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Qi Gong - Breathing Routine
Self-Healing with Qi Gong