Lesson 16: Finding balance between the inner and outer world

“Be aware when things are out of balance” – Tao Te Ching

The purpose of Qi Gong practice is to become self-aware about the external and internal factors, understanding how they affect us and last but not least, finding ways to attain and maintain balance.

Every moment is affected by a matrix of factors (whether external or internal). Our actions can be aligned with the purpose of finding balance or simply staying ignorant, spectating how we get more and more imbalanced until we get sick.

Practicing different forms of Qi Gong are meant to balance the Yin Yang forces within us. Once we have found the balance, we cannot remain in a celebration mode for too long, since we understand now that every situation, including a balanced one, will sooner or later change.

Therefore, for us, Qi Gong practitioners, acquiring a state of balance is not a moment, but a process, a way of life.