Lesson 6: Yin Yang

The Principle of Yin-Yang

The fundamental algorithm of finding balance with Qi Gong is built around the process of balancing Yin-Yang, the greatest model of the universe. Yin and Yang are opposing components of one integrated whole. They are totally interdependent, interacting constantly to maintain the integrity of the whole. One tends to dominate the other, but no dominance is permanent, being reversed periodically. The game between these opposing forces is the basis of all existence and all change.

Everything Follows a Cycle

All natural processes can be seen as having a cyclic nature. Light and sound move in waves. The Earth turns on its axis, resulting in unlimited cyclic manifestations on Earth.

Human sleep/awake cycle, seasonal changes and many other mini cycles on Earth are the result of larger cycles in the solar system, galaxy and intergalactic systems. Within the human body, each organ follows a certain cycle. Understanding when we have to rest and when we have to act can make a big difference in our life, being within the self-healing balance.

About Yin

Yin is that part of a cycle in which energy is being accumulated, assimilated and stored for later use. Yin is associated with rest, sleep, receptivity, and silence. Yin should not be thought of in the absence of Yang, or associated with weakness. Yin is at the core of existence. Yin is the substance of life, absolutely essential to all functioning.

About Yang

Yang is that part of a cycle in which energy is expended in order to create/manifest action. Yang is associated with action, expansion and movement. Yang is the functional aspect of any process, also essential for life. Yang sometimes seems more obvious than the Yin, but we must always remember that there is no Yang without Yin.

The Story of Our Universe

The story of genesis of our Universe is the story of creation of these two forces: Yin Yang. The initial state of the Universe was a big void, called Wu Ji. This encompassed the entire matter of the universe (similar to a black hole), until it got completely full, becoming the ‘full’, or like some like to call it: the “One”. This in Chinese language and philosophy is called: Tai Ji.

This Tai Ji exploded in the Big Bang moment of creation into our universe of duality, being split into Yin and Yang.

With Qi Gong we learn the way back to Tai Ji, where Yin-Yang are in complete equilibrium. In that very moment we become the observers of our life (or the unfolding of realities of yin and yang)

The universe started from nothing. From nothing it became something. When something is created there must be two forms, two faces or two different situations -for instance, if one is the front there must be an opposite, the back. If one side is right, there must be a left to balance. So if
we know fire, there must also be water to balance it. Male and female balance, tall and short, dark and light and so on -there are two different situations to balance the whole universe. If there is only one of something it will become too strong or too weak and will disappear by itself. For
example, if there was only fire in the world, one day the world would become too hot and burn out.