Lesson 13: Water


Like metal, water types represents a spiritual type of energy. Both elements are interested in art, ethics and philosophy. Water types are particularly fascinated by the underlying meanings of the world. They tend to be introspective, curious and blessed with a vivid imagination.

Water knows its limitations. When obstacles block the way, water yields by retreating, refusing to waste energy in vain pursuits. When the time is right, water will follow its course with strength, purpose and determination.

Predominant Emotion

The predominant emotion is fear. The adrenal glands are responsible for the fight or flight response. When stress takes over, we are constantly draining the adrenals depleting our resources.

Adrenaline is the most powerful drug effective to cancel the strongest pain, but if used for longer periods, will deplete our water energy.

Water Organs

The Kidneys – they are the storage of the life essence, providing all the other organs and the body in general with life energy. They rule the bones, teeth, hair, knees, spine. The Kidneys determine the strength of our ambition, willpower and survival instincts.

Urinary Bladder– Every moment, the urine is passed from the kidney into the bladder, where it is stored until elimination happens through urination.

Imbalances in the Water Energy

When an imbalance occurs, it is usually associated either with too much energy or too less. Therefore, we have two potential categories of imbalances:

Excess Water

When water energy builds up, it tends to harden (under pressure), leading to physical and mental inflexibility. When water solidifies due to pressure, it can no longer moisten the tissues and organs, which leads to a general drying out process. Physical symptoms: dry nose and throat, severe low back pain, kidney and bladder stones, high blood pressure.

Deficient Water

Lack of water leads to insecurity, fear and indecision. We neglect the main points of water wisdom: staying focused, refuse to shrink from danger, keep the destination in mind. Physical symptoms: lack of energy, loss of appetite, excessive dryness, brittle split hair, gray hair.

Water Biorhythm

The time when the water’s energy is the most intense it between 3pm and 7pm.

Water Season

Winter is the season when the natural world shrinks and contracts, conserving the energy for the spring – the season of renewal and rebirth.