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Exercises to Release Chi Blockages

Apart from a daily warm-up, loosening up the joints, and stretching the entire body, there are two exercises that are particularly beneficial for unblocking any stiffness. These necessitate isolating and moving vibrations in various areas of the body.

The Thunder

Take a deep breath in and out. Fill your lungs with air; ideally, conduct this exercise outside in a clean, well-lit environment with lots of oxygen. You can also practice inside, but regardless of how hot or cold it is outside, make sure the room is well ventilated. Allow the air and light to fill the room where you practice by opening the windows.

Start with your palms, then move on to your elbows, neck, and shoulders, then down your spine, lower back, hips, knees, and ankles, finishing with your hills on the ground.

Exhale while gently vibrating your entire body from your hands to your ankles. (From the tips of the fingers to the tips of the toes)

The Volcano

Inhale deeply. Fill your lungs with air, preferably outside in a clean, well-oxygenated atmosphere. As you take a deep breath in, raise your body on the toes.

Hold your breath for a few seconds while relaxing your entire body.

Start by tapping your feet against the ground, then move on to your knees, hips, lower back, middle back, spine, neck and shoulders, elbows, and finally your hands and fingers.

Exhale while vibrating your entire body, from your ankles to your fingertips, gently. (Starting at the toes and ending at the tips of the fingers)

Warm Up Routine

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