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The Mind Programs

Mind Programming’s Impact on Our Health

It is difficult to define the mind. It is both a blessing and a curse. It is Yin and Yang at the same time. Understanding how the mind works requires a supernatural talent, a balancing act of becoming an observer. We can become the prisoners of our own minds.

Your thoughts become your words. Your words create your actions. Your actions develop habits. Your habits shape your character, and your character affects your destiny.

Looking at the previous sentence, one could be inclined to believe that everything begins with the way we think. Our perceptions shape our world. I wish it were so simple. The truth is even harsher.

We are not responsible for all of our thoughts. Thoughts are another kind of energy pattern nonetheless, and we mirror the thoughts of others based on experience and history.

The way we think in the present moment is predictable based on our past experiences and the life experiences of our ancestors. When we begin to examine our thoughts, there is a lot to ponder.

The good news is that a belief can be unlearned, altered or reprogrammed. Although it is difficult, and for some, impossible, it is possible for you to try changing your way of thinking.

The Power of the Mind over Matter

It is no secret that humans can change the molecular structure of water. We can use our minds to help plants flourish, but we can also use them to kill them. Because our bodies are mostly made of water and we are walking trees, our minds have an impact on our physical health.

Sadly, regular people have just scratched the surface of this subject. They are trapped in a cycle of suffering and degradation. Our civilization is plagued with sadness and pain.

Although we don’t want to get into world conspiracy theories, we can’t help but notice that numerous hints point to someone out there profiting from keeping the great majority in the dark. After all, the topic of the article is mind programming, and we are not the only ones who can program ourselves. Others can do it as well.

We encourage the reader to continue reading between the lines, to question the obvious, and to research more. This magazine tackles well-being from many different angles. The truth is and will always remain a personal discovery.

Image from the Ki Train Method Book—the chapter about Mind

Time Heals All Wounds

The concept embodied in the phrase “time heals” is the most deceptive program we have acquired. For the majority of my life, I thought forgetting was a gift. I was able to unlearn this and now see it with a fresh perspective.  Nothing is ever healed just by the passage of time.

Amnesia is a harmful delusion that not only makes us unwell but also harms our relationships with others and ultimately with ourselves. We form our beliefs based on the events that we forget. And then, after a few years, we wake up one day with fears and internal struggles.

We keep avoiding the same experiences, but we find reasons in the present, not comprehending that the present has little to do with our decisions and emotions. We feel helpless, sick, and in pain.

The solution is to thoroughly comprehend and process all of our experiences, rather than forget them.

The True Shape of Time

Time flows in one linear direction. There is a past, a present, and a future for us. Living in the now, according to new-age thinkers, is the solution to our issues. Is it? Or are they hallucinating? To really understand this, we need to change our perspective on time.

The conscious mind perceives time as linear, yet it is only a small fraction of our entire mental system. The subconscious mind perceives time as circular rather than linear. We subconsciously combine the past, present, and future into one.

When it comes to how we make decisions, this becomes an essential concern. All decisions are anchored in the subconscious mind and are influenced by past experiences and future expectations. When we believe we are making a conscious choice, this is an illusion since the decision has already been made by the subconscious mind and is now being communicated to the conscious mind.

Only once we have properly digested our experiences and made peace with the consequences can living in the moment become a powerful way of life.

Imagine your life as a walk on a sandy beach. Your unprocessed experiences are symbolized by your footprints. You leave a trail that marks your current life. If you do not want your past to find you, you must travel back in time and erase your footprints in the sand.


Illness appears in the body as a continuous energy imbalance caused by our thoughts and feelings. If the reader wishes to conduct their own study, we suggest that they order and read Jacques Martel’s book, The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases (April 30, 2012).

This book can be used as a guide through one’s research, which should be reinforced via strong intuition, which is the final voice we should learn to listen to.

In a nutshell, every thought and emotion exerts a ripple effect on our body’s physiological processes. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, every emotion affects a certain organ system and, as a result, the general functioning of the whole body.

When we live with these types of stimulation, the body ultimately stops rebalancing and illness takes over.

Deep Mental Work

Now that we have established the link between the mind and the body, it all comes down to how much we want to preserve our health. If we value self-healing, we can begin by making a list of emotional triggers and processing the past experiences that generated them.

The reader can complete this process on their own. Alternatively, the reader may seek assistance through our transformation one-on-one program, in which we define the process. The core idea is to recall memories, relive the experiences, learn the lesson, and achieve emotional neutrality.

We use Tai Chi and Qi Gong to engage the body in the letting-go process, but you can use any form of movement that involves breathing. The most important thing is to process and let go of the experiences with intention.

Don’t be concerned about remembering your memories. We guarantee that once you begin with the process, you will begin to recall. Being outdoors and away from other people helps; therefore, we also encourage solitude and being in nature.

Deep Energy Work

Parallel to the mental process of processing memories, we make use of intention at the end of each exercise to retrieve our energy spent during the experience. We invest a lot of energy into all our experiences. We want to bring our energy (chi) back into the “now.” A true master of energy will treasure and recollect all the fragments of energy left behind from the past.

Once completed, we can finally be in the now with no emotional triggers.

Reward yourself for your efforts.

This type of task necessitates hard labor and perseverance. You must reward yourself for humble steps if you want to be persistent in your pursuit. This will sustain you for as long as you need to attain peace within.

The Beginner’s Mind

Every day is a new beginning. Every stranger we encounter has the potential to be the start of a wonderful new connection. When we utilize the beginner mind approach, we are more likely to be open to new experiences.

Children are, by default, research engineers. They want to taste, touch and feel everything in order to learn more.

The act of playing is an important element in finding “out-of-the-box” solutions

We dream up and imagine things boundlessly until a grownup tells us what is allowed and what is forbidden. In other words, we learn boundaries, some of which are necessary, but many can infringe upon and limit our natural creativity and genius.

We get told what is deemed possible or not from a young age. Imagine what we could dream up and create as adults if we did not have the inhibitions set in place while we were children. There would truly be no limits!

Every day, live your life to the fullest!

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