Future Events


The 4th of May 2024

9:00 to 17:00

9:00-10:00Practice Active Relaxation.
First experiment of programming water.
Freezing water embedding a memory
10:00-11:00Water is Alive – Life of Viktor Schauberger
Placebo, Homeopathy and Water Properties
4 Degrees Celsius Paradigm
11:00-11:30Refreshments, tea break and intelligent conversations
11:30-12:30Second experiment of programming / reading water
Group sharing experience
12:30-14:00The life work of Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier
Water is alive – Essaru Emoto
14:00-14:30Fresh juice detox
14:30-16:00Third Experiment of programming water
Understanding Homeostasis of Water and Human Body
Debrief – Frozen water debrief and pictures
16:00-17:00Group dinner

We distilled knowledge from various books written by renowned water experts. Our motivation for creating this class came from studying the masters as well as the inexhaustible reservoir of information found in Daoist ancient literature and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
At the same time, the program includes hands-on cultivation exercises that teach participants how to naturally connect with water.
I’m excited to share my passion for water with all of you!

This time we will deliver this workshop in a special place:

Reef Resort Hotel

Register and pay by benefit pay at 36242230

Investment 159bd

For more details please WhatsApp us below.