Future Events


January – March 2021

January 2021

Flow weekly events by Elena Murillo

4th January 5:30 to 7:00pm – Let go and Forgiveness

11 January 5:30 to 7:00pm – Self Love

18 January 5:30 to 7:00pm – Let go and Forgiveness

25 January 5:30 to 7:00pm – Self Love

Flow is a combination of physical movements, breathing and mental work. Flow is meant to unify the Mind with the Body into a series of exercises led gracefully by Elena. From dancing to guided meditation, Flow’s purpose is to motivate the participants to work on themselves. Emotional and mental challenges can be worked out through a relaxed body.

To register to January classes, contact Elena: 33131659

Qi Gong – Liver Detox Seminar

Qi Gong Outdoor Seminar

Location: Soul Culture Saar / Saturday 30th Jan 2021 – 8am to 10am

The workshop will be about Liver – represented in the TCM – Traditional Chinese medicine by the Wood element. Liver is the organ which is constantly cleaning our blood from toxins (on the physical level) as well as emotions (energetical level). Liver must be given the right importance because when we have a healthy liver, we find easier the emotional balance needed every day. When the liver functions at full capacity, we are able to start new projects and have the energy to implement ideas.

Last but not least, when we are emotionally balanced, we make better decisions in life.

Register and pay by benefit pay (30 bd) by Friday 29 Jan 2021 at 36242230. Limited spaces available. The workshop is delivered outdoor, on the grass following social distancing rules at all times. Invest in your liver!

Singing Bowls Healing Meditation – 16 Feb 2021

by Melanie Sarginson

Please register and pay in advance by Benefits Pay at 36242230. Limited spaces available.