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Teodor on Bahrain International TV – 2nd December 2021 – About the Ki Train Method
Interview on Bahrain TV 14th March 2022 – Tai Chi The Path Towards Self-Healing
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The Mind communicates with the Body through life force energy known as Ki. All human body functions are based on Ki. Some functions are controlled by the Conscious Mind and others by the Subconscious Mind.

The Ki is the driving force behind all our physiological processes, including the immune system which protects us from illness. The Ki Train Method involves exercises with varying difficulty levels, starting from quite simple to rather complex. The idea is to start simple, focus on one area of your life, and then slowly expand to the other areas until you are living the life that you deserve and wish for.

Choose the path to health and reclaim your energy to pursue your dreams. The physical body is the vehicle that is taking us through this journey on Earth. Use the Ki Train Method to give your body the power and energy to take you wherever you want to go.

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Dear All,
Our passion is about growth and development, self-healing and continual improvement of individuals and organizations.

We believe willpower can change the path of our life, work or in any other area we focus on.

The Ki Train Method is about life energy and how to manage it, uncovering the best version of ourselves.

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Tai Chi allows you to return to the point of neutrality, a place of balance between Yin and Yang. When observing reality from that perspective, the stories will be simply that: only stories. Being the observer of your life can make you smile when you hear a story, whether your own or others’, because you know it is just another story. Practicing Tai Chi means practicing being in the observer mode, centered and unaffected by the stories you encounter. It is a place of wisdom and contemplation, where free will truly exists and can be acted upon. It is the seat from where you decide which stories to allow into your life, knowing what will benefit you and your wellbeing. In other words, being within the point of neutrality gives you the power of good decision.

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What does it mean to have internal strength? An inquiry into internal martial arts that takes us on a reflective journey into the power of imagination, slowing down the mind’s storms to find harmony and how to break out of habits and beliefs.

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Thank you Aisha Fakhro for this wonderful interview on your amazing podcast SOFT STRENGTH.