Ki Train Method

Dear All,

Our passion is about growth and development, self-healing and continual improvement of individuals and organizations.

We believe willpower can change the path of our life, work or in any other area we focus.

The name itself, Ki Train – is about life energy and how to manage to use it for discovering the best version of ourselves.


A better question would be, what am I? In the physical plane I am a body. The body is powered by fuel, just like any other machine. This fuel is called Ki, or life force energy. The Ki is managed by the mind in total (not just the physical brain).

Beyond our 3-dimensional reality, there is an intangible part of our existence, the soul – a subject we will come back throughout the book.

Let’s use an automobile as an analogy to better understand the three elements: Body, Ki and Mind. The Mind is the driver and the car is the Body. If we want the car to function in good condition, it must be regularly maintained. The car uses oxygen and gasoline to create kinetic energy to move. Similarly, our Body needs oxygen and food. We use food (gasoline) and air (oxygen) to create life force energy (Ki). How you drive your car will dictate the amount of gasoline used. Using air conditioning, turning on the lights, using the heater during winter, pushing the breaks more than needed, will increase the overall fuel consumption.  Not much differently from the car, the Body produces and uses life force energy (Ki) from the first breath till the last one.

Understanding how life force energy is produced and used is the core of the Kitrain method, with the aim of becoming energy efficient.

The Mind communicates with the Body through life force energy Ki. Everything inside the human body functions based on Ki. Some functions are controlled by the Conscious Mind and some of them by the Subconscious Mind. The life force energy Ki is flowing from cell to cell, from organ to organ from one part of the body to another. The Ki is the driving force behind all our physiological processes, including our immunity system which protects us from illness.

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