Ongoing Classes

Amwaj Weekly Classes

Qi Gong Sunrise Practice

When weather allows it, we are practicing barefoot by the beach at the entrance of Amwaj. Come join us. The session is one hour and it is 20 bd. Every session has a different theme. Next session includes breakfast at Ohana and it is on 1st of September Friday at 5am. For more information check our Instagram page. @kitraining

Weekly Classes

Monday – Wednesday 630 am to 730 am

Monthly membership fee 50 BD, payable in advance.

Location: Amwaj Lagoon, in front of the Tea Club

Instructor: Teodor Ardeleanu

Daily Morning Practice

This is the most comprehensive practice because you get to practice daily with our group. This is not a class, but it is a practice under the supervision of an experienced teacher. (Teodor or Dania)

Monthly membership for classes and daily practice: 90 BD payable in advance and non refundable. (which is 3 BD per session)

Our practice includes:

  • Strength training through martial arts
  • Flexibility and centering
  • Energy training through Ba Gua Qi Gong
  • Detox programs
  • Losing weight
  • Individual and group challenges to learn, study and practice Self-healing and wellbeing

Private Sessions

Contact 36242230 for more information

The most comprehensive program is The Transformation Program