Qualitative Research

Behind every injury, there is a story. Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of a crisis and often in pain. The only thing we want is to get well as fast as possible.

Nevertheless, an accident or injury is an opportunity for reflection on our current life patterns. By making a connection with the pre-accident and post-accident periods, we could draw conclusions that may lead to understand better how the accident has been created.

The Book of Accidents

We decided to pursue this research for the benefit of all those who go through an accident or injury, to help them understand their own story by relating to similar scenarios.

Contact us here if you wish to be included and help others understand their situations.

Research Methodology

We will be interviewing each candidate (by phone or face-to-face) to better understand the conditions of the accident/injury. The stories will be published in a final research (aiming to have a minimum of 100 cases)

During the interview, we would like to find answers for the following questions:

  • Where is the injury located on the body?
  • Is this a re-occurring injury?
  • What are the predominant emotions prior to or after the accident/injury?
  • Due to the injury, what are the things that you have been incapacitated for? What can you not do anymore because of the injury?
  • What are the underlying patterns that led to the injury?
  • What can we learn from this exact injury?

The research is confidential and we will protect your identity if you choose so, however for those candidates who allow us, we will publish their names, age and a photo of the injury.

Our View on Accidents and Injuries

No matter how healthy and strong we are, injuries caused by accidents still require a lot of self-healing and, consequently, the expenditure of huge amounts of energy (Ki).
I know of many older people who, despite being in perfect health, lost
their balance and fell, breaking one or more of their bones. They ended up in bed, unable to recuperate, and died shortly thereafter.
Accidents happen when the body becomes stiff . The risk of injury is significantly reduced if we train to become flexible and relaxed, a state that is easy to accomplish and maintain with regular practice of internal martial arts. After any accident, the recovery time depends on the fitness level at the time of the accident. The fitter we are to begin with, the faster we will recover after sustaining an injury. If the injured person is already Ki-deficient due to advanced age or an inappropriate lifestyle, it will be rather difficult or even impossible for them to heal.
Taking precautions and avoiding accidents should be a conscious part of our daily lifestyle.