One-Day Workshops

Join us for one day of study of water, the element without which we cannot exist in our current form. Our health depends on the quality of water in us.
We put together a course about Feng Shui of the space as well as the human body. This is an experiential workshop where we learn to work with the chi.
Learn the Ki Train Method and become a Master of Relaxation, Energy and Focus. A course based on the book: The Ki Train Method.

Mini Workshops

Qi Gong session performed barefoot on the beach. We absorb the first rays of sunlight. We energize our bodies with the best light possible: sunrise light
A workshop where we let go of our choice and instead we use a coin to decide our immediate course of action. This workshop can be done for a minimum 5 persons group.
How sacred Geometry affects life and how can we use Qi Gong in this context? We learn how to meditate while drawing and focus our mind into geometry.
Become stronger with this ancient practice. This is a both internal and external way of training. Say hello to strength and bye bye to weakness and disease.
We combine Qi Gong with hiking, followed by a healthy breakfast in the desert.
Learn the Eight Brocades and benefit from this ancient practice.
Five Elements Qi Gong is a workshop where we learn how to balance our internal organs and indirectly our emotions using Qi Gong.
Introduction to ancient traditional form of healing based on circle slow walking, grounding and holding energetical postures. Very efficient form of self-healing.
Learn a short form within 2 hours of practice. Let this be the start of your Tai Chi life practice.