Transformation Program

If you are determined to change your life and need guidance, I am ready to guide you through the process.

1. Intensive Consultation and Diagnosis

Mind and body communicate to each other through the fields of energy (Ki). When an imbalance occurs, mind and body are no longer aligned, and if this persists, an illness will manifest. During the initial consultation, we analyze the current state of health and wellbeing (body, energy, mind). I prefer to do this face to face, but it can be done online as well.

  • Energy scan
  • Five elements – organ systems analysis
  • Skin, eyes, face, palms analysis

The investment in the Diagnosis session is 60 BD, paid in advance.

Note: The diagnosis fee will be waived upon signing up for the one month program.

2. One Month Program

When you commit to making a permanent change in your life, a one-time guidance session is not enough. It has to be done for a minimum period of one month. It will involve changing habits, changing beliefs, letting go of your old programs and creating new ones. We will meet a minimum of three times a week for one month (12 sessions in total); you must follow the program on your own for the other days. According to the individual goals commonly agreed to in the intensive consultation and diagnosis session, the program will be tailored to each individual accordingly. The program may include:

The program is efficient only if the individual makes a commitment to work on the program daily, including on the days when we do not meet for sessions together.

The investment in the individual program is 720 BD for one month, paid in advance. This includes 12 sessions plus the diagnosis session which will be waived upon registering for the one month program.

For any additional sessions during the month, there will be an additional fee of 40 BD per session.

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This Transformation Program is based on 14+ years of research, studies and personal experience of self-healing and cultivating energy. If you are unable to join the program, you can still benefit immensely and help yourself by reading my book The Ki Train Method, and applying the cultivation exercises detailed within.

The book is available to order in Bahrain:

Order through WhatsApp: 36242230
Purchase at: Ohana Cafe, Intouch Clinic or Rumi Cafe
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What Clients Say:

Dana Al Jama, October 2021

Describe the program in one or two sentences

Simply Life Changing

How did it help you specifically?

Learnt new techniques to heal certain situations in my life as well as improved health condition, weight loss.

What was the reason you joined the program?

Getting help to control things that happens to me, but when I joint the program, I learnt to let go and heal instead of control.

Would you recommend the program to others and why?

Yes, proven results.

What is the best thing about the program?

Every day I used to learn something new about our amazing body and that power is within.

S. Alshirawi, November 2021

Please describe the program in one or two sentences.

It was great in the sense that I was able to focus on myself physically which in turn led to the emotional and the spiritual. I did it for approx. 6 weeks (my delays) three times a week. It was very gentle with how it works.

How did it help you specifically?

It helped me realign myself emotionally and it also focused me to the importance of joy and doing small things daily that give and bring me joy.

What was the reason you joined the program?

I was unhappy and unsettled of where I was in my life and I wanted to either change where I was or accept where I was with grace. I ended up accepting where I was and changing small things that made me feel better about it all. I also found that the program was probably not a one off thing but something that I could do very regularly in my life. So the next time I do it, I will be able to build on what I’ve done before. Change I feel happens gradually and effective change happens subtly.

Would you recommend the program to others and why?

Yes I would. First and foremost, it allows the healing and the change to happen in situ so your able to see your own life in front of you as it is (habits, work, time, energies etc) and make changes where they’re needed. Also, it’s very gentle and stable so the subtle changes are easier to implement and maintain. Also, it allows you to focus on bits and pieces within that need healing and I found that it wasn’t what I thought it would be. That’s why the program is amazing because it allows the healing to happen where it needs to and not where you thought it would be.

What is the best thing about the program?

Teo as a guide as well as the actual program itself.

Kanwal Malek, December 2021

Describe the program in one or two sentences.

For me this program is like having a complete transformation package under one roof. The postures and exercises focus on enhancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Very easy to understand and practice on daily basis and benefits are clearly visible within a month of sincere dedicated training. It is a mind-body balance and awareness program that actually works!

How did it help you specifically?

This program helped me get in touch with my inner self to become a better version of myself.  I learned how to let go of negative subconscious beliefs and fears and to channel my own energies in the right way for improved overall health and wellbeing. I learnt how to become balanced in my daily life, from the food I eat, to the thoughts I think and how I react. I became more conscious of myself and my environment which increased my confidence and self-image.

This program encouraged me to get outside my comfort zone and do what makes me truly happy, to live a more enriched and fulfilling life.

The practices made me understand how we can heal our bodies through energy work. This specifically taught me how consistency and repetition of the exercises can alter my whole state of being. I feel more energetic, positive and focused.

What was the reason you joined the program?

I joined this program for mainly two reasons;

Firstly, because I was looking to learn Qi Gong in Bahrain for over a decade but couldn’t find a mentor. I always wanted to learn an exercise that was a combination of mind, body and energy and I found it here.

Secondly, I was fed up of my emotional condition running my life, I had dormant traumas I hadn’t dealt with because I did not know how, and was reaching a point where it was affecting my health on a deeper level. I wanted to understand how to master my emotions and triggers and release unwanted baggage. I wanted to change and knew this was the way for me.

Would you recommend the program to others and why?

If I could recommend one method to people who are looking to heal from past traumas, or change bad habits, or even just to improve their health and overall wellbeing, then this would be it! The Kitrain method is better than a gym, or therapy! All other exercises or methods work from outside-in where when you ‘look good you feel good’, but internal martial arts works from inside-out and proves that all change starts from within. I do recommend because I have seen my own progress and changes.

What is the best thing about the program?

The best thing is the master of energy himself!

Teodor has trained with masters from China and has been practicing for years. In fact he used this very method to transform his own life, and that, for me was enough credibility to believe in Ki Train. I was comfortable knowing he has the correct knowledge and expertise to teach. He understood my needs right away and catered the training to focus on the weak areas and work on them with me. His way of teaching is amazing because he makes even the most difficult stances seem easy. He is so encouraging and knows how to tackle all kinds of issues.

Training with him is like having a friend, a mentor and therapist who I can discuss everything with. He does not just talk about the Ki Train Method, he lives it! You can read all the self-help books but here we are practicing it, that is what makes all the difference.

The other best thing is that he is flexible to work around my schedule and offers private training which means we train as per my capacity and requirement. It is not a one-size fits all, it is a customized program.

I can confidently say this is the best investment I ever made on myself!

Thank you Ki Train, thank you Sifu Teodor.

Nabeela – January 2022

Master Teodor helped me a lot with my emotional hypersensitivity and how to be neutral, connect, and understand my body more.
Before joining the program, I’ve always felt heightened with negative energy and unable to control my emotions, which eventually led me to depression and several other issues…
During the program, we focused on letting go of my past emotions and feelings, especially my difficult childhood, cutting energetic cords from negative relationships, and learning to be neutral with people.
I also trained qigong, in which I learned how to connect with my body listen to it and detoxify it from negative emotions …
Overall, my experience with Master Teodor was a life changer for me. I know I still have to work on myself, but I’ll definitely recommend his method and his book, which I’m still enjoying every time I read.