Transformation Program

If you are determined to change your life and need guidance, I am ready to guide you through the process.

Tutorial about the Transformation Program

1. Intensive Consultation and Diagnosis

Mind and body communicate to each other through the fields of energy (Ki). When an imbalance occurs, mind and body are no longer aligned, and if this persists, an illness will manifest. During the initial consultation, we analyze the current state of health and wellbeing (body, energy, mind). I prefer to do this face to face, but it can be done online as well.

  • Energy scan
  • Five elements – organ systems analysis
  • Skin, eyes, face, palms analysis

The investment in the Diagnosis session is 60 BD, paid in advance.

Note: The diagnosis fee will be waived upon signing up for the one month program.

2. One Month Program

When you commit to making a permanent change in your life, a one-time guidance session is not enough. It has to be done for a minimum period of one month. It will involve changing habits, changing beliefs, letting go of your old programs and creating new ones. We will meet a minimum of three times a week for one month (12 sessions in total); you must follow the program on your own for the other days. According to the individual goals commonly agreed to in the intensive consultation and diagnosis session, the program will be tailored to each individual accordingly. The program may include:

The program is efficient only if the individual makes a commitment to work on the program daily, including on the days when we do not meet for sessions together.

The investment in the individual program is 480 BD for one month, paid in advance. This includes 12 sessions plus the diagnosis session which will be waived upon registering for the one month program.

For any additional sessions during the month, there will be an additional fee of 40 bd per session.

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This Transformation Program is based on 14+ years of research, studies and personal experience of self-healing and cultivating energy. If you are unable to join the program, you can still benefit immensely and help yourself by reading my book The Ki Train Method, and applying the cultivation exercises detailed within. The book is available to order in Bahrain by whatsapp 36242230, or in Neo Bookstore. Internationally, the book is available through Amazon here.