Ki Train Reviews

Ki Train helped me discover what I am really made of.
I have set new standards for myself. Kitrain gives me more energy with consistent training such as Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Aikido my whole life is in new level!
Isa (Bahrain)
“It has been only seven months since I joined Ki Train, and I personally like to give a fair trial to any practice in order to see if it works for me or not, however, the result of practicing at Ki Train was a little sooner than expected.In few months, I definitely felt much more stronger, younger, self confident and more balanced.
This is only the beginning and I am very excited to see my self getting younger and older in the same time.
Ki Train gave me an opportunity to practice different types of martial arts, I never imagined myself practicing martial art at the this age, I guess Teodor was right when he said “Everything you can imagine is real”.

Arif (Bahrain)
As a Yoga instructor I found in Tai Chi another great way to balance mind, body and energy. Kitrain is my favorite studio in Bahrain and Teo’s approach and professionalism made me love Tai Chi. His impeccable technique, loving character and patience made it impossible not to learn. Thanks to him I found a powerful tool to meditate in motion that enhances my daily practice and makes me feel stronger inside and out.
Sonia (Colombia)
It was a great opportunity for us to meet Theodore and his energy techniques. I was amazed by his passion to leave a high corporate work profile to pursue his inner dream, and to see how well he has set up the Kitrain. We learned Tai Chi and my daughter enjoyed learning Aikido, as we bonded well. Tai Chi is really meditation in motion and I think it really helps people like me who find it hard to sit and close eyes, to clear the mind (to reap the benefits of meditation). It really helped me to de-stress and perform more at work, thereby feeling more positive. Theodore’s concepts and talks have a lot of depth, which helps us in a journey to an overall well-being of mind and body.
Ashwath & Xantia (India)
Teo is a passionate, dedicated, honest human being.
He loves sharing his knowledge and experience, spreading the healthy life style, encouraging everyone to learn more about Mind-Body self-healing.
He reached a level of peace and enlightenment in my opinion.
I have been training with him for 2 years. The entire experience has been fulfilling and enriching .
If you are looking to practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Teo is your man! I highly recommend him.
Dania (Lebanon)
I joined Teo’s Tai Chi classes through a recommendation by my doctor. It is not often that you find someone who is completely committed and passionate about their subject to the level of Teo. His enthusiasm, patience, experience, knowledge and insight is incredible to experience during lessons. Finishing off class with a healthy Chinese tea was the cherry on the cake.
Thanks so much Teo!”
Ki train method has really helped me to regain inner strength. I am a strong believer in mindfulness and mind- body connection. Practicing Tai chi and Qi Gong has made me realized that we all have power over our minds and bodies. You can heal yourself if you take control over your mind through breathing and mindful movement. Plus, I found my tribe, always supporting and understanding.
Elena @coachlife360
“Ki Train became my second home and that’s why whatever I say about Teodor or Ki Train will sound biased, but definitely True. It’s a place where there is no room for negativity. The Ki Train approach is so comprehensive and tackles different areas of interests, therefore, you may find yourself inspired here more than anywhere else and be able to re-emerge / rediscover your own qualities, traits, and skills. All the credit goes to Teodor with his knowledge and ability to create such atmosphere.”
Mohamed (Bahrain)
“Ki Train has been a transformational experience in my life. I came to Teodor, my sensei at Ki Train when my health was very poor. Within a month of joining his Tai chi classes I observed a drastic change in my overall health and energy. For me Tai chi is meditation in motion and I couldn’t have had a better exposure to this wonderful martial art if it hadn’t been for Teodor”
Anita (India)
Ki Train is not only a form of excellent exercise for flexibility and fitness, it is so much beyond and above that ! It is a formula for stress free easy living, a lifestyle movement. In the six months since I joined Ki Train I have found a rewarding way to reduce my severe anxiety and depression levels, and natural ways to self heal my body, mind and spirit. Not to mention that my chronic back pain is all but gone ! What sets Kitrain apart is the sense of belonging and community our superb teacher Teo gives us so warmly and generously . He is always encouraging and patient . A place to exercise but also to talk , listen and be heard among beautiful people . Leave the competitive and grueling typical gym experiences aside ! There’s nothing like it in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Alexandra (Greece/Sudan)
I have been training with Teo in Tai Chi for the past two years.
He has incredible patience, as in the beginning I did not know my left from my my right, nor my up from my down !
He has worked tirelessly with me, encouraging my every step whilst I learnt the various Tai Chi forms.
Not only have I learnt Tai Chi but I have learnt a lot about myself and I can truly say the whole experience (which is still ongoing) has been the most transforming thing I have ever done. Thank you.

Melanie (Kenya)
My journey with Teodor and Ki Train began in 2018. Even though I was not new to Martial arts, my family’s experience with Ki Train has been one of a kind.
Ki Train is home; a safe and nurturing space where you can escape all noise and anxiety while you heal and grow.
Teodor combines a wealth of knowledge with charisma and support in the perfect environment. He is a teacher mentor and friend. Best of all, the program works for every member of the family regardless, of age, fitness level or goals.
Whether you just want to practice martial arts or embark on a holistic journey to unlock your full potential. You owe it to yourself to experience Ki Train.

Crystal (Jamaica)
“Since April 2020 I decided to be a small part of Ki Train family.
I learned many things, interesting things and helpful and useful.
I began to learn Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Ba Gua and I liked very much. For me these are new.
The teacher, Teodor, is a brilliant guy! He explain everything so easy that everybody understand.
He also teach us about Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki.
There are so many interesting things to learn from him!
I encourage everybody to take his courses, because it’s easy to learn and understand and because I think they are very useful.

Monica (Romania)
“Chiar daca între noi distanță in km este f mare ai reușit sa o micșorezi atât de mult încât am simtit ca fiecare curs l-am facut in aceeași sala. Nu doar materialele filmate si scrise de tine au avut impact asupra mea , ci si energia cu care le-ai însuflețit . A fost un online viu!
Iti Multumesc foarte mult pt tot ce am învățat pana acum de la tine si pt
exemplul pe care ni l-ai dat tuturor ca a face cu dedicare si iubire ceea ce iti place nu poate fi împiedicat de nimic.”

Crenguta (Romania)
“We are happy to acknowledge the partnership between Ki Train Consultancy SPC represented by Teodor Ardeleanu and BAPCO Well-being Department. Since we started collaborating in 2017, Teodor has been providing our Well-being Department with regular Tai Chi and Aikido classes twice a week, having managed to build a solid group of dedicated students.
Teodor has been a solid partner in providing transformational seminars for our leadership team as well as for the employees of BAPCO.
World Women Well-being, Wheel of life, Team building, Well-being challenges of a leader, Mental Well-being, Emotional Well-being are just a few of the seminars/events that Teodor has been delivering to our team.
Teodor’s broad experience in leadership, training and Well-being is a fortunate combination that makes him appealing to deliver seminars on Well-being. Teodor truly practices what he preaches, living a day to day healthy lifestyle.
Teodor’s outgoing personality and kindness are unique traits of an inspiring leader in Well-being.
We are privileged to have him in our team.”

Doctor Trous Fenton
Medical Service Manager