Elena Murillo

Elena Murillo – Founder of Flow

Let me introduce myself: my name is Elena Murillo and I have a mission. As a Holistic Health Coach I live my life purposefully and with a deep feeling of gratitude. Two years ago I underwent my own personal spiritual awakening; a pivotal moment in my life that has been dragging me into unknown territories. In 2018, I was drowning in stagnant emotions that were not only affecting me mentally, but also physically. An unresolved childhood trauma buried in the deepest part of me was rising to the surface and this time there was nothing I could do to stop it. Along with a deep sense of fear, there was this gentle, loving, comforting, divine hand that was pushing me forward. That was actually the first time I felt the energy source I deeply believe in; a healing energy that is awakening parts of me that I didn’t even know existed and that keeps on bringing me a deep sense of hope and safety. 

I trusted this energy and started to surrender. The more I surrendered to this force, the stronger I was becoming. Miraculously, this heavenly energy would effortlessly radiate out of me, and be felt by people who needed it and were open to receive. Seeing the transformation I made and continue to make not only on clients, but also friends, gives me the motivation to carry on and the guarantee that I am exactly where the universe wants me to be. I deeply believe we were all born with a purpose and mine is to help people find that source of energy that makes us both human and divine.

Aside from Holistic coaching, I also started a meditation practice to help women tap into their inner selves and awaken the feminine energy that brings creativity, motivation and loving-kindness. A meditation that involves moving, dancing, visualization, awareness, connection and a sense of wholeness. The ultimate purpose of FLOW is to help women connect to their beautiful bodies and recover their inner freedom by getting away from their conditioned minds. Flow is a tool to breathe, sense, embrace and embody the energy of life.

I deeply believe that the energy that flows in you, when powered by love, can expand and replicate infinite times, thus producing a ripple effect on the lives of the people around you. Let me help you feel your energy! 



Special interview with Elena Murillo on 16 December 2020 @ Kitrain

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