Self-Healing Algorithm

Self-Healing maintains perfect health and slows aging, but only if we have enough vital energy (Ki). Our lifestyle and habits determine how much of our vital energy is directed towards our self-healing

Ki Train Algorithm


Our eating habits can turn digestion into a high energy consuming process. This is not about dieting but more a lesson of awareness about how to make our digestion an efficient process. Understanding how much life energy we use for digestion, combined with how much energy we receive from our food, is the very first step of The Ki Train Method.


We spend 33% of our life sleeping, if we average 8 hours a night. A 99-year-old person will have spent 33 years asleep. This should be enough to convince you of the importance of sleep. Yet, many of us don’t learn more about it. The quality of this 33% can change your life, for better or worse.


Your universe (home, car, office and digital environment) is a clear projection of your subconscious mind. If you want to work on your mind, you can work on your universe. Organizing your surroundings will impact the Ki energy flow. Environment is perceived through the senses. Sharpening your senses will alter your perception of the Universe.


Relationships are helping us to evolve or devolve. They provide lessons and opportunities for self-knowledge. Each person we meet is a walking lesson. You failed a lesson or more… than congratulations. You are after all… human. Graduating this class of relationships takes a lot of commitment and it leads to a karma clearing process which at the end will turn you into a master of life.


Every thought is an energy investment. If we don’t focus our thoughts, this investment will be outside our control, and we could end up with an empty wallet of Ki. Regaining control of your thoughts requires willpower and discipline.


Emotion means Energy in Motion. Emotions are energy vibrations. Life Force Energy Ki exists in different vibrations. Like musical tones, they can be in harmony, in which case, the Ki flows smoothly. Inner peace (emotional harmony) can keep you in good health for many years.


What does money have to do with self-healing and energy? The reason is simple: money is also a form of energy. If we suffer a lack of money, it can cause much stress, eventually leading to illness. Managing money is part of the self-realization process.


A natural part of life, sexual habits can either heal or create disharmony. Although we can find different guidelines about sexuality, still, not many people understand the impact of sexual energy in self-healing.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is not only for older people. It is for those who want to understand the concept of “Softness overcomes Hardness”, a powerful ancient philosophy that is much needed in today’s world of high stress. Practicing Tai Chi makes you more relaxed, focused and healthy. Paradoxically, the slow movements of Tai Chi can help you heal faster!

Ba Gua

The masterpiece of The Ki Train Method, Ba Gua is a hidden gem of self-healing. It activates the energy channels of the human body, enhancing spine flexibility. As a result, there is an overall improvement in the functioning of the internal organs. It is easy to learn and consists of a set of exercises that can be practiced for life, at any age.


Aikido works on different dimensions. If studied, practiced and experienced can lead to amazing self-realizations. The dimensions are: physical, energetical, mental, spiritual. On each dimension we learn how to use the forces around in order to yield and make sure that with minimum effort (and when you become a master – effortless) you achieve maximum of your intention. The beautiful is that you can apply most of it in your day to day life, if you understand the principles and how to apply them in different situations.


The entire Ki Train algorithm is designed to enhance the Self-Healing process by increasing our energy levels. Our body is divinely constructed to heal.

Scientists are always searching for the perfect medicine, even using cloning methods to grow organs and tissues. Huge investments have been made in nanotechnology to defeat cancer and tumors through little devices that enter the body and destroy the unhealthy cells. In reality, all of the above are nothing but desperate ways to extend the life of people that have chosen to get sick.

When I say ‘chose to get sick’, I don’t mean they are consciously choosing it, but by not working on the real issues they have in different areas of their life, they chose to live with energy blockages or life energy deficiency, which eventually leads to sickness and finally, death.

Should we consciously choose the path of Self-Healing, we can enjoy long and healthy lives.

Self-Healing – renewal of DNA.