Ki Train Algorithm

With every breath, we are involved in an energy exchange process (we give and take). Self-Healing requires continuous supply of vital energy if we want to be in perfect health and slow down the aging process.

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Ki Train Algorithm


What we eat, how much we eat, how often we eat are just a few of the things that may turn digestion into a high energy consuming process in our life. This is not a diet exercise or method but more a lesson of awareness about how we can transform our digestion into an efficient process. Understanding how much life energy we consume for digesting and also how much energy we take from food are the very first steps of Ki Train method.


About 33% of our life we spend it sleeping if we average 8 hours a night sleep which is mostly what everyone does. Hope that is enough to convince you about the importance of it. And yet, I don’t remember about learning or studying it formally in school. The quality of the 33 % of our life time can actually change your life. If someone lives 99 years, it means he or she spends 33 years sleeping.


My universe (bedroom, bathroom, living room, basement, car, office, laptop, email, phone, tablet) are a clear projection of the subconscious mind. If you want to work on your mind, you can work on your universe. Organizing your surroundings will impact the Ki energy flow. Environment is perceived through the senses. Sharpening your basic senses may change your perception about the Universe.


Relationships are helping us to evolve or devolve. They provide lessons and opportunities for self-knowledge. Each person we meet is a walking lesson. You failed a lesson or more… than congratulations. You are after all… human. Graduating this class of relationships takes a lot of commitment and it leads to a karma clearing process which at the end will turn you into a master of life.


Every thought is a direct investment of energy. If we don’t learn and practice to become masters of focusing our thoughts, the investment is not done with our control but with no control, and soon enough we have an empty wallet by the end of each day. Getting back in control of your thoughts require willpower and discipline.


Emotion means Energy in Motion. Emotions are energy vibrations. The Ki – Life Force Energy, can exist in different vibrations. It is like listening to musical notes. These notes can be in harmony, in which case, the Ki flows smoothly. Inner peace is the aim of any human who wants to live in good health for many years.


Why would we talk about money in a course about self-healing and energy? The reason is pretty simple: Money is a form of energy too. Plus, if we are suffering from lack of money, there will be so much stress in our life, that eventually we will get sick, hence, choosing to face this aspect of life is part of the self -realization process.


Everyone loves sex, including the ones who refuse to talk about it. People love thinking about it, they love doing it. It is so natural that can easily create addictions. Unfortunately, different cultures treat the subject of sexuality in harmony with their social and family beliefs. Although we can find here and there different guidelines about sexuality, still, not many people talk about the impact of sexual energy in self-healing.

Tai Chi (Tai Ji)

Whenever I speak about Tai Chi, the first reaction I get from people is: “This is for old and sick people”. It is true that the regular practitioners age in China is middle age and retired people, but the art itself doesn’t require a certain age limit. Maybe the reason for this is that being practiced at very slow moving, it requires more patience than other sports or arts. Tai Chi is not for old people. Tai Chi is for people who want to understand the concept “Softness overcomes Hardness” an extremely powerful concept which makes anyone who masters it very unique.


Living aside the energy aspect, which is probably not observed from the beginning of someone’s training, the body goes through essential transformations due to the repeated turns and twists of the body and with a correct posture of your back and hips, the organs go through a very healthy internal massage which is very beneficial if repeated on a regular basis. In Ba Gua, the body is constantly twisting and turning. There are no straight lines. A normal person usual our day to day normal movements consist of mostly straight lines. We sleep straight, we stand up we walk straight, we sit on a chair straight. Ba Gua works with circles, spheres and spirals. 


Aikido works on different dimensions. If studied, practiced and experienced can lead to amazing self-realizations. The dimensions are: physical, energetical, mental, spiritual. On each dimension we learn how to use the forces around in order to yield and make sure that with minimum effort (and when you become a master – effortless) you achieve maximum of your intention. The beautiful is that you can apply most of it in your day to day life, if you understand the principles and how to apply them in different situations.


The entire Ki Train algorithm is designed to enhance the Self-Healing process by increasing the levels of energy.

Our body is divinely constructed to heal. Scientists have been looking for a perfect medicine, developing the cloning process to grow organs, tissues, and even beings. Huge investments have been done in nanotechnology to defeat cancer and tumors through little devices that would destroy the tumor cancer cells. In reality, all of the above are nothing but desperate ways to extend the life of people that have chosen to get sick.

When I say chose to get sick it doesn’t mean that they are all consciously choosing that, but by not working on the real issues they have in different areas of their life, they chose to live with energy blockages or life energy deficiency, which leads eventually to a sickness and finally death. Every death is a form of suicidal.