Masters of Energy

The Ki Train method involves cultivation exercises with varying levels of difficulty, ranging from very simple to rather complex and strenuous ones. These practices will be shared at the end of every chapter. The idea is to start simple, focus on one area of your life, and then slowly expand to the other areas until you are living a life that you deserve and wish for. Being healthy and having enough energy to accomplish your dreams is the path to choose! After all, we are manifested as physical bodies in this life, and the physical body is the vehicle that is taking us through this journey on Earth.

If you feel you want to experience more, you can always join our centers to further cultivate your body, energy and mind.

The “Ki Train” method

Change is one of the hardest things we face in life. Yet, life in our universe of duality is composed of both YIN and YANG energies, and therefore it is never constant. The only certain thing in this Universe is change itself. From a higher perspective, change is the means for transformation, and ultimately evolution (or in some cases, involution).  Ki Train is a transformational method based on simplicity. As Einstein said: “it takes a smart person to transform a simple thing into a complicated one and a genius mind to transform a complicated thing into a simple one”.

Small steps and simple habitual changes are key to igniting the momentum that leads to complete life transformation.

Ki Train algorithm involves three main stages in the following order: knowledge, experience and wisdom.


Teodor Ardeleanu

The Mind

Our mind is the software we use to function through our entire life. In analogy to a computer, the mind is composed of a temporary memory (the short-term memory) and a long-term memory. Our mind records every single experience or sensation we go through, every emotion and thought we have. Fortunately, our mind is built in such a way that our experiences are forgotten by the conscious mind and recorded deeper within in the subconscious mind. This protects us from going through unwanted emotional processes over and over again. The proverb: “time heals everything” is partially true because what it really means is that time allows the experience/memory to be passed into the subconscious mind category, where it is not at the forefront of the conscious mind, and therefore no longer a conscious burden. As time continues to pass, the experiences get buried within the subconscious mind, allowing for more space in the mind to start a fresh journey daily. Some people find it hard to impossible to let go of certain emotions caused by past experiences, reliving every day immersed in painful memories.