Power 6

Join our 6-month program and develop your strength (mind and body).

Group limited to 10 people. Send us your details and application by WhatsApp. Answer the following questions:

  1. Your full name and age.
  2. Name one thing that you value the most.
  3. Name one fear you have.
  4. Why do you want to join?

Note: we are receiving applications by 5th of January. First day of training will be 9th of January 2024. Last day of training will be 27th June 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. +18
  2. Fit (to walk more than 5km) / do 5 push ups minimum
  3. Positive Attitude
  4. Competitive but ready to defeat your own ego
  5. Able to commit to practice regularly (2 times minimum a week as a group and individual practice daily)
  6. Ready to work on your fears
  7. Swim (if you dont know you need to learn by end of January)
  8. Be ready to go out of your comfort zone and push your limits
  9. Ready to learn new things (read, study, understand)
  10. Love yourself, love Earth, Love plants and Animals

What we will study, learn and practice?

Each of us is unique and we have different native talents and powers. The program is designed to unlock each participant’s inner strength. you must find your inner powers and unleash them through practice. Not all techniques are suitable for each participants. That is why this program will be a combination between group practice (general) and individual practice with a focus on your unique talents.

-Martial arts basic elements (postures, kicks, punches, blocks)

-Ba Gua fighting applications

-Aikido elements

-Stick and Nunceag Techniques

-Self-defense strategies

-Find your inner strength – Qi Gong

-Body language reading

-Physical & Mental conditioning



We will be practicing outdoors in Amwaj. In front of American Mission Hospital Area (beach, grass, etc)


Regular Sessions: Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 – 830 pm

Every week we will do another day of conditioning. (walking or swimming or circuit training). This will be done generally in the weekends but will be communicated on a weekly basis.


Monthly membership 50 bd paid in advance (the last day of the previous month). If you pay for 6 months in advance it will be 45 bd per month (270 bd).


Long pants, comfortable shoes, t shirt.

Stick (10 bd) and nunceag (5 bd) available to purchase with us.


Based on the skills accumulated and the practice, at the end of the program the participants may choose to give an exam and acquire a certificate by Ki Train. (Aikido testing – green belt at the end of the 6 months)