The Five Elemental Phases are always in a delicate balance. The Yellow Emperor's Classic

Dear Qi Gong Practitioner,

Which of the Five Elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water - surges most strongly within you? The following questionnaire will help you determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of your affinities with the Five Elements. Answer with Yes if the statement describes your present-day condition or a predictable pattern you have experienced in the past.

Because an affinity to a particular element or an imbalance within that element may be expressed in a wide range or sometimes opposing symptoms.

After finishing the questionnaire, you will learn what your responses indicate about your affinities to Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water.

Please schedule about 20 to 25 minutes to answer each of the 150 questions, in order to get the most accurate response.

Thank you for your patience!


1. Muscular, athletic physique, well-proportioned body (arms, legs, head). Rough skin. Jaw and chin dominate the face, fingernails tend to split, peel and crack easily
2. Oily skin (especially around the face, nose and scalp). A subtle greenish color around the eyes and mouth
3. High-pitched ringing in the ears
4. Blurred vision. Dry, red, itchy or teary eyes
5. Difficulty swallowing (especially when tensed)
6. Chronic tension in the neck or shoulders
7. Menstrual problems (strong painful cramps, erratic cycles, PMS with mood swings)
8. Twitches in the muscles of the eyes, face, calves, or feet
9. Digestive disturbances (heartburn, constipation or ulcer), Abdominal pains
10. High blood pressure
11. I tend to feel confident about my abilities, I tend to do what I feel is right, I don’t care about what others might think
12. I enjoy competition. People say I am competitive, I feel I want to win at any cost
13. I am comfortable in conflict or under pressure
14. I can be stubborn, I can be impulsive
15. I like to take the lead
16. I like to think about creative solutions for difficult problems
17. I tend to make irrational decisions
18. I am willing to stick with the initial plan even if the odds are not in my favor
19. I am direct and straightforward in dealing with others, even if that means to be regarded as insensitive
20. I tend to be critical of others, especially when I don’t understand why they can’t keep up with me
21. I enjoy public recognition of my talents/achievements
22. I tend to act boldly and decisively, even when I don’t have the expertise
23. I like taking risks, I am a workaholic
24. I enjoy public speaking
25. When things don’t go my way, I often feel unable to move
26. I get angry easily. Sometimes finding hard to control it, my greatest fears are about losing control (being stuck). I tend to speak forcefully
27. I love (or hate) sour foods
28. I have a strong preference (or distaste) for the color green, strong winds condition or spring
29. My dreams often involve forests, growing plants, competitions, try to reach a goal
30. I often feel restless or having difficulty sleeping between 11pm and 3 am
31. Graceful, willowy physique. Soft, warm skin. Long neck, hands and fingers. Delicate features. Eyes tend to dominate the face, bright red complexion; or noticeable lack of color
32. Tendency to blush, especially when nervous or upset
33. Feeling of being cold; hands or feet feel cold, spontaneous sweating or tendency to overheat
34. Difficulties with perspiration (either too much or too dry)
35. Shallow breathing (a tendency to hold the breath), dizziness or sometimes fainting
36. Skin eruptions that feel ‘hot’ (acne, pimples, rashes) or problems with tongue: sore, inflamed, redness or swelled
37. Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, thrombosis or phlebitis (problems involving circulation)
38. Heartburn, inflammation of the colon or frequent urinary infections
39. Heart palpitations, especially when stressed or excited
40. Sleep disturbances, insomnia, restless sleep
41. I am empathic and can feel other’s pleasure or pain
42. I am easily affected by other’s opinion about me
43. I love life. I like to live in the moment. I am excited about life. I enjoy all my senses. I understand sensual pleasures. People say I am always optimistic. I would find it difficult to live without joy
44. I sometimes laugh too loud or sometimes too much
45. I enjoy physical contact and emotional intimacy
46. I tend to thrive in a stimulating environment (big city, noisy office)
47. I am considered charismatic or magnetic.
48. I enjoy (or hate) public speaking or recognition
49. I have difficulty containing my emotions. I tend to cry often
50. I feel uncomfortable with conflicting emotions or desires, I often feel anxious and afraid for no reason
51. I can be absentminded
52. I find it difficult to say “no”
53. I dread rejection, my greatest fear involves being alone or abandoned
54. I need a lot of support of praise. I tend to self-doubt
55. I tend to be vulnerable, especially in relationships
56. Communication is very important to me, I work hard to communicate honestly and directly
57. If in a difficult situation, I get overly excited and emotional
58. I strongly prefer (or distaste) bitter foods, for the color red, for very hot climate or for the season of summer
59. My dreams often involve image of romantic relationships or sexual encounters
60. My energy is extremely high or totally depleted between the hours of 11am and 3 pm
61. Rounded body with broad hips and shoulders. Soft smooth skin. Short and strong hands and feet. Mouth and lips dominate the face. Yellowish hue around the mouth and temples
62. Thick mucus in mouth, nose or throat, sore or bleeding gums
63. Tendency to water retention. Skin feels soft and puffy to the touch
64. Nails and cuticles easily inflamed or tear easily
65. Gain weight easily. Find it difficult to lose weight, craving (or really disliking) sweet and starchy foods.
66. Anorexia, bulimia or obesity
67. Digestive problems (indigestion, abdominal pain, excess stomach acid), ulcers, excessive burping
68. Blood sugar disturbances: hypoglycemia, diabetes
69. Menstrual problems (lethargic, bloating)
70. Hemorrhoids, varicose veins
71. I tend to be nurturing. Enjoy taking care of others. I tend to be a mediator/ peace maker
72. I become easily upset with conflict
73. I value loyalty and commitment. I expect my friends & family to be the same
74. I am extremely adaptable to different situations. With different people I can be a different person. I am easy with new people that I don’t know well
75. I don’t need much to be happy. Just being with my friends and family is enough
76. I thrive on peaceful settings (natural and tranquil surroundings)
77. I often feel too needy; I need to know I am needed
78. I often feel left out, as if others are making plans without me
79. I often have difficulty asking for what I need, I tend to put others’ needs before mine
80. I have difficulty being alone. I need stability in my life
81. I easily get involved in other people’s problems, I like to be the center of my social network
82. I tend to eat when I feel lonely or uncomfortable
83. I like the feeling of being “abundant” with food, friends, social affairs and work. But sometimes I feel overstuffed
84. I tend to set unrealistic expectations and because of that I feel disappointed when expectations are not met. I tend to worry or obsess about problems
85. I have obsessive / compulsive tendencies
86. In difficult situations, I tend to worry about the outcome, hoping it will change
87. My greatest fears involve being lost, alone or far from home
88. I strongly prefer (or distaste) sweet foods, for yellow color, for very damp climate the season of late summer
89. My dreams often involve image of houses, backyards or forests (green natural landscapes)
90. My energy is extremely high or totally depleted between the hours of 7pm and 11 pm
91. Symmetrical physique with long arms and legs and narrow shoulders. Small bones. Delicate features, nose dominates the face. Dry itchy skin with tendency to wrinkle prematurely. Dry hair: ends split easily.
92. Dry, irritated throat and nasal passages. Nasal polyps. Sinus problems, chronic bronchitis or asthma
93. Dry pimples, especially on the cheeks, beside the nose or on the upper back
94. Difficulty perspiring even when hot
95. Food allergies or sensitivities
96. Rashes of hives, numerous moles or warts
97. Bowel disturbances: diarrhea, constipation
98. Spine and joint problems: inflexibility, stiff, chronic joint pain
99. Sensitive to climate changes, particularly to humid and excessively dry
100. Eczema, psoriasis
101. I tend to be neat in my personal appearance
102. I take pride being efficient and methodical. I like making lists to create order in life. Sometimes I am obsessed with being organized. Junk and clutter make me uncomfortable. I value organization in myself and others
103. I am content with a few friends or relationships. I dislike crowds or waiting in line
104. I am bored with superficiality. I love quality. I tend to be a perfectionist and critical of myself
105. In social situations I tend to be stiff or formal
106. I like to be in control, spontaneity frightens me
107. I fear contamination: drinking from someone else’s glass is not for me. Sitting on public toilets annoys me.
108. I refrain from expressing my feelings. Because of this some believe I am unemotional
109. I am interested in spiritual disciplines. I am a collector: art, jewels, books
110. I tend to accept what authorities dictate
111. I feel strongly committed to certain moral principles
112. I enjoy tasks that require logical and analytical approaches to problem solving
113. I enjoy doing puzzles, solving riddles
114. I don’t like to get caught up in other’s drama
115. I feel proud of the fact that I am able to resist temptation
116. When in difficult situation is to feel overwhelmed with sorrow or grief
117. My greatest fears involve crowds, chaos and corruption
118. I strongly prefer (or distaste) pungent/spicy foods, for white color, for very dry climate, for the season of autumn
119. My dreams often involve image of mountain peaks, snow or interior of boats, cars or trains
120. My energy is extremely high or totally depleted between the hours of 3 am to 7 am
121. Lean physique with narrow shoulders and wider hips. Long fingers and toes. Deep set eyes. Ears tend to predominate the face, darkish hue under or around the eyes
122. Hearing problems: loss of hearing, tinnitus. Ear aches and pains. Tendency to get ear infections
123. Teeth problems such as multiple cavities or bone loss
124. Hair falls out easily. Thinning hair
125. Urinary problems: frequent need to urinate, urinary infections. Prostate problems
126. Swelling or bloating due to water retention. Excessive thirst
127. Lower back pain. Aching in lower part of the abdomen. Lower abdomen feels cold to the touch
128. Pain and stiffness in the joints, particularly in the knees. Pain tends to get worse in winter. Brittle joints. Instability in the spinal column. Osteoporosis or other problems with bone degeneration
129. High blood pressure
130. Illness worse in the winter or in very cold climates.
131. I tend to be introverted and keep thoughts to myself.
132. I value my solitude and time alone. I deeply resent attempts to intrude on my privacy
133. I have a few friends and avoid most social situations. Others may find me eccentric
134. I have a tendency to be paranoid
135. I am patient and persistent even if odds are against me
136. I am known for being objective and impartial.
137. I tend to be skeptical even cynical
138. I find it difficult to adapt to new situations
139. I sometimes get deeply depressed even without reason.
140. I often wake up with the feeling of dread
141. I am very curious and have a strong imagination. I like to know how mechanical objects work. I like to fix things and out them back on. I like to learn and figure out things by myself. I am very attentive to details
142. I value logic, reason and intelligence
143. When in conflict, I tend to feel a sense of underlying anxiety
144. I can be incredible stubborn, when I know I am right I don’t compromise.
145. I have a strong will. I stand up for myself and my beliefs
146. When in a difficult situation I imagine the worst that can happen
147. My greatest fears include a fear of heights, of water, of people, of the dark and of the death
148. I strongly prefer (or distaste) salty foods, for blue or black colors, for very cold climate, for the season of winter
149. My dreams often involve image of lakes, rivers, oceans, or dark and mysterious places
150. My energy is extremely high or totally depleted between the hours of 3 pm and 7pm