Self-Healing Remedies

New Ki Train Publication

Dear Reader,

On behalf of our Ki Train team, I welcome you to a reading journey where the only limitation is your imagination. While this is not a fictional magazine, we believe that the digital information age has flooded us all with resources and information, many of which cannot be confirmed by evidence from science.

The international community of health, healing and spirituality has been increasing at a rapid pace, unfortunately also as a business. We are grateful for the amazing technological advances in western medicine, the availability of both conventional and alternative medical procedures, and the many outstanding medical professionals who devote their lives to saving others.

Having said that, we feel that the terms “healing” and “business” are incompatible due to a logical contradiction.

This might be expressed in the words of a someone who provides healing to others as a business: “If I heal you completely, I will lose you as a client, and as a result, my business will go bankrupt.”

While this may irritate some people in the healing community, this is a genuine magazine in which we want to help people determine for themselves what is real transforming healing and what is not.

While some healers are extremely powerful and capable of helping their clients, we think that self-healing is the most effective and most complete method of healing.

That demands a sense of responsibility as well as the freedom to choose to adjust our way of life. The first stage is to become self-aware, and the second is to act in our own best interests. We constantly meet people who wished they could change their lives before it was too late and became irreversibly sick.

More Important Than Health?

Nothing is more important than our own health and well-being. That is why we aim to give our readers the inspiration and motivation to adopt a lifestyle focused on maintaining a high level of health and wellbeing at all levels: mental, emotional and physical.  

Masters of Energy Magazine’s purpose is to assist the reader in finding harmony between the yin and yang, conscious and subconscious mind, heart and brain, inner-self and the surrounding environment. For this reason, the first five editions share a common theme, with each one being associated with one of the five basic elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Wood.

The Earth Element is central to the first edition’s theme. Our roots and emotions must remain grounded in the earth. Only a tree with equally robust roots in the earth will grow tall and powerful. As walking trees, we may have roots that are perhaps more energetical than physical. Being in sync with our mother planet is crucial to restore equilibrium.

May you find knowledge, inspiration and practices that will bring you closer to the planet Earth.


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