Tai Chi

When practiced for health and fitness, the slow motion movements of tai chi provide three basic benefits: they improve physical movement, calm and release the stress from the nerves and mind, and develop chi energy. Nothing is required except to practice  daily 30 minutes. Because tai chi is extremely low impact, it can be done by virtually anyone.

Tai Chi improves health

Why Tai Chi is done in slow motion

At the basic physical level, Tai Chi accomplishes several things:

  • It gives the body the movement it needs
  • It provides better structural support to the body
  • It massages your internal organs
  • It stretches everything inside you lengthwise, down to the smallest muscles and ligaments
  • It twists soft tissues which may normally be very difficult to reach and positively affect
  • It makes all the fluids circulate evenly inside your body
  • It increases your chi flow
  • It increases your breathing capacity

For more information on slow motion and why cats don’t do Tai Chi, watch the movie below:

Managing stress

The ability to let go and relax in all ways – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – is at the philosophical center of Taoist practices and the core of all tai chi. Tension is so normal that we are psychological unprepared for the fact that physical relaxation can be a living reality, rather than a mere metaphor.

Practicing Moderation – Tai Chi’s 70% rule

Tai Chi’s philosophy is moderation in all things: never do too much or too little. Moderation allows your body and mind to relax and easily absorb the fruits of your efforts, to integrate them inside yourself, and to build on them. By doing so, you can be as productive as possible without setting yourself for chronic stress and all the physical and emotional problems that comes along.

Moderation mitigates against internal resistance, which is inherently a survival mechanism against excess. As you become more stressed, your nerves begin to develop resistance against doing what is needed as a biological, self-defense mechanism. This mechanism is subliminal; however, when you override it by not adhering to moderation, your level of stress snowballs exponentially.

Tai Chi and losing weight