Tai Chi

Tai Chi is about being simultaneously flexible and relaxed. Unlike other sports or arts, a Tai Chi practitioner must dissolve the “know-it-all” ego in order to achieve physical flexibility and relaxation. This manifests first on the physical level before gradually transcending to emotional, mental and spiritual levels. A big part of being humble is learning how to truly listen. Listening to the external environment, to other people around, is not enough. With Tai Chi, we learn how to listen to both our physical body and our higher self. Intuition is a quality we all have, but not all of us work to develop it to its highest potential. When the mind is corrupted by arrogance, everything else becomes foggy and we miss out on important parts of life. It is like driving through a beautifully scenic area of mountains and forests but not being able to see anything because of a pervading fog. The secret ingredient that allows true Tai Chi masters to see through the fog is humility.