Ki Train Method the

Teodor on Bahrain International TV – 2nd December 2021 – About the Ki Train Method


Learn how to relax every single part of your body. Daily cultivation practices are directed at the mind using the physical body. Life energy Ki flows best in a relaxed body.


Everything we do in life requires using up our resources of energy. By small habits of life, you can become a master of your own life energy Ki.


Energy flows where intention or attention goes. Enhancing the power of your senses will increase the intuition levels, allowing you to direct your energy in the desired direction.

What’s in it for you, once you become a member:

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The Ki Train Method Approach

We believe in the capability of our body to regenerate and heal. Based on this belief, we bring a new perspective on self-awareness about life habits. For us knowledge means nothing if we don’t put it in practice. Hence, our method is about practice, repetition and mastery. Our members may choose to work on one or more aspects of their lives.

We apply the Internal Martial Arts principles of life.


Our eating habits can turn digestion into a high energy consuming process. This is not about dieting but more a lesson of awareness about how to make our digestion an efficient process. 


We spend 33% of our life sleeping, if we average 8 hours a night. A 99-year-old person will have spent 33 years asleep. This should be enough to convince you of the importance of sleep. Yet, many of us don’t learn more about it. The quality of this 33% can change your life, for better or worse.


Your universe (home, car, office and digital environment) is a clear projection of your subconscious mind. If you want to work on your mind, you can work on your universe.


Relationships are helping us to evolve or devolve. Each person we meet is a “walking lesson”. You failed a lesson or more?… Congratulations! You are after all… human.


Every thought is an energy investment. Regaining control of your thoughts requires willpower and discipline. We teach the art of focusing.


Emotion means Energy in Motion. Emotions are energy vibrations. Inner peace (emotional harmony) can keep you in good health for many years.

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