Self-Healing Remedies

‘Acid vs Alkaline’ influence on Self-Healing

The human body maintains the balance between Yin and Yang. We measure the levels of acidity by analyzing the pH level of the fluids and tissues of the body, based on a scale from 0 to 14. A lower pH level is more acidic, and higher pH levels are more alkaline. Although neutrality of the pH is at level 7, the values are fluctuating. For optimal health, we should aim for neutrality.

Self-Healing process works best when the equilibrium is achieved. Pursuing the pH balancing through nutrition and breathing means vital energy efficiency. When imbalance exists, we consume our energy to rebalance the system.

Yin Yang Manifestations of pH

The Yin-Yang system is present in every aspect of our universe of duality. Yang is the acid and Yin is the alkaline.

The sudden and repeated changes in the body’s pH levels can cause a major impact on health. Alkalosis, which is caused by a high pH level, can cause symptoms like confusion, muscle twitching and nausea, while acidosis can result in fatigue, shallow breathing and headaches.

Luckily, the kidneys do most of the work in controlling your body’s pH by maintaining the homeostasis of the electrolyte levels by excreting/reabsorbing acidic and alkaline ions through the urine. However, eating a balanced diet is beneficial to health.

Limiting your intake of acidic foods could help preserve bone strength, prevent kidney stones and even decrease acid reflux symptoms.

How to Choose Ingredients

When you go to a supermarket, you have numerous choices of ingredients. There is a difference between being driven by habits of eating instead of listening to our body needs. The body knows what type of foods it needs to sustain the good functionality and provide the necessary energy for life.

Our food is a combination of ingredients, each one having a certain pH value. Overall, our body is meant to balance both alkaline with acidic into neutral. Our digestion system is based on gastric acid needed to decompose the food. Adding too much acidic foods will only create super acidity.

Most of the canned food contains preservatives that will turn their chemical composition towards more acidic.

As a general recommendation of the Ki Train Method is to eat more wholefoods rather than already prepared food. Learn how to read the food labels in order to understand what they contain and be aware of the ingredients that potentially damage your health.

What to Drink Today?

There are many options of bottled water to purchase in the market. Although we assume that it has been tested by the Health Authorities in the country, the water we choose to drink has different chemical composition which is noted on each bottle label. The water bottling companies are obliged to include the pH value. I challenge you to start looking at the water you are drinking.

Choose to drink water instead of other drinks available in Supermarket

I have compiled below a table with international bottled water brands, for an increased self-awareness.

Water pH

Water BrandpH
Fiji Water7.7
Tesco Water6.2
Al Ain7
Aqua Carpatica8.2
Next time you drink water, check the pH and think again.

Sweat – Toxins’ Indicator

Human body breathes through the skin pores, in some areas more than others. When the sweat is odorless and colorless, the body is, in big part, free of toxins. Ideally, a healthy person who is careful about eating the appropriate food and drinks, won’t need to use any deodorant to avoid a smelly sweat.

Where do we get the toxins from? It is not only through the food we ingest, but also through the air we breathe as well as everything that comes in contact with our skin (soap, deodorant, tooth paste, shampoo etc)

Measuring the pH at Home

We are fortuned to live in a world where technology and high tech advanced solutions are available to everyone. As professor in Astro-physics Dr. Michio Kaku mentions in his book the Future of the Mind, very soon we would be able to perform a CT by using our smart phones.

I have already ordered a EMF detector machine to see the influences of electronic and electric machines affect my home. You can read more in my article: Invisible Enemies.

I was looking for a while for a device we can use to easily measure the pH, and it is also available on amazon here, for only 36 usd.

It’s good to be able to measure things on our own instead of always trusting the product labels. Having said that, be prepared for surprises at times.

Moderation is the Best

Variation of the food types is the safest diet, especially if we combine it with listening to our cravings and body intuition. Our body never lies when it comes to its needs of food. The only secret is to learn how to listen and interpret the cues and signals our body sends us.

Secrets of Fasting

Part of the Ki Train Method is to always make sure that you balance the pH through digestion, and because fasting is one of the ways to become energy efficient, it is important what we drink throughout the day. If we drink just water, it is better to make sure that the water we use is not too acidic.

A few lemon drops in the water will turn the water slightly more acidic, however when it reaches the stomach, in combination with the gastric acid, it will overall turn alkaline, therefore very beneficial.

Coffee and green tea on the other hand, are, in my experience adding to the overall acidity of the digestion system, making it impossible for me to continue my fasting in the day.

Even though I love both coffee and green tea, I am careful not to drink too much, especially if I choose not to eat in the day.

Best Tea for fasting – Pu Er tea – because it turns your digestive system alkaline

Last but not least, If you want to experience a true alkaline drink, order some fermented Pu’er tea and your stomach will thank you.