Eucommia – Magic Healer of Kidneys/Knees

Eucommia is a magical plant considered one of the best sources used to increase the Yang Jing energy of the Kidneys, with a direct healing impact on the lower parts of the body (knees, skeleton, joints). It is also a nourisher of the Yin Jing energy at a lesser extent. Because it provides both yin and yang, Eucommia is best for both men and women to promote the enhancement of the sexual functions, promote healing and to strengthen the physical body structure and resistance.

Eucommia Positive Impact on Kidneys

Predominantly a kidney tonic herb, Eucommia helps building a strong stamina. It is also a great herb to be used to strengthen the lower back and knee problems, including stiffness, pain, dislocation, swelling and weakness. Being a kidney tonic, Eucommia is considered to bring improvements in the potency in men and fertility in women.

Eucommia Bark – Magical healing herb for kidneys

Eucommia Reduces Blood Pressure

Eucommia is an activator of the kidney (water energy) which affects directly heart (fire energy), being used and tested clinically for many years in hypertension. It may be used along with conventional drugs since Eucommia has no other adverse side effects.

Eucommia and the Immune System

Eucommia has a tremendous effect on the immune system of the human body. It has mild sedative and anti-inflammatory action. Since stress is causing the adrenal glands to overwork, Eucommia usage has been proven to enhance the enhancement of the adrenocortical function. Even though Eucommia is not used directly as a stress reliever, the action on supporting the adrenal glands and kidneys, functions ultimately as an antistress agent.

I healed my knee in 9 months with Eucommia

I have injured my knee when I was in my thirties. I had no idea how much the kidneys play a role in the health of our knees. My Tai Chi teacher Shao Nian Bates helped me by recommending Eucommia. I remember I could not do anything with my left knee, having to stop my aikido training, running or ay long walking. Pain was with me every day. I had to do something about it.  This was not a coincidence, but a result of bad kidneys for 15 years. I had my fist kidney stone when I was 17 years old, and almost every year my kidneys were in trouble. This affected my knees. I have been told by my teacher at the time that if I want strong knees again, I must work on my kidneys first. When the kidneys are in great condition, the knees will heal also. Not trusting fully at the time in unconventional medicine treatments, I chose to see an orthopedic surgeon too. Went to visit the hospital and had the luck to meet a retired surgeon who was giving consultations at the Clinique. 

Healing my knee with Eucommia allowed me to return to martial arts

He told me my leg can be operated as I had a meniscus tear. I asked what is the usual process. He told me that I do the surgery, physiotherapy and recovery with slow motions and rest. I asked if possible to skip the surgery and heal myself directly with the latest 2 steps. He laughed in agreement telling me that people run awayh from pain and they choose the surgery, but that is possible to heal myself too without.

I made the sudden decision to  go straight to the self-healing.

My treatment included a few ingredients:

  1. Rest and relax
  2. Cycling
  3. Tai Chi & Qi Gong
  4. Talking to my knee every morning while doing reiki on myself
  5. One cup of Eucommia tea daily for 9 months.

The result was absolutely fascinating: I healed 100% and went back to my regular active life.

Be cautious: Hard on the Stomach

Eucommia is not a pleasant tea that you drink for pleasure.  It is quite strong if ingested on empty stomach. That is why I recommend to drink it after breakfast or a small meal. I have noticed it is strong enough to cause insomnia, so I would not drink it in the night before sleeping.

How to Prepare Eucommia

Eucommia bark is pealed from the older trees. Depending on the source, it may come sliced or in bigger chunks and you would have to slice it. You may follow the instructions on the packaging, but I strongly recommend to boil it slightly more I you want to use all the benefits. It is not enough to just place it in hot water and leave it there, you must boil it.

Eucommia must be boiled properly.

As the taste is not great, you may combine it with other ingredients that will dissolve its original taste. Ginseng is most commonly added to Eucommia, forming together a strong kidney Yang Jing tonic.

Moderation – The Ki Train Method Path

No food, herbs or supplements should be taken for long periods or in large quantities. Follow the instructions on the packaging and always do a thorough research, both online and offline (books, intuition, meditation). Find someone who has used Eucommia before and ask them about their results. Try it yourself and observe your body’s reactions. Use your intuition to evaluate every new ingredient you are trying. Whenever you notice discomfort caused by a new food or herb intake, discontinue its use and research further. Some items are not for everyone.; there is no general treatment applicable to everybody. We are all unique and therefore must tailor our diets to our specific needs.