Self-Healing Remedies

The Role of Unlearning in Self-Healing

We have been taught in school that knowledge is power and learning should define our development as human beings. We add to our knowledge piles of data, created by other people from our past and present. The first learning experience is through the emotional fields while being in the womb. The mother’s emotions, as well as the emotional environment where she exists, will teach the baby the first lessons about the universe. The school of life has begun.

Within nine months of one-on-one lessons in the womb, the baby graduates into a stand-alone human being. Ready now to learn more and more. The first seven years are the most important for the new born human “sponge”. Within this period, we absorb it all, copy and paste from others beliefs and behaviors. There isn’t much of a choice, right? School follows next with teachers’ influences, classmates and friends. They all help to fill our jar with beliefs and values. By the time we grow to be an adult, the jar is full.

Be ready to empty your jar…

Time Travel of the Mind

A well-known self-healing practice, age regression, has been used by initiated spiritual seekers though meditation, but it is also used in the present day by medical hypnosis practitioners to repair certain beliefs that are causing diseases in adulthood.

I invite you now to find a comfortable position, and spend 15 minutes remembering the very life first experience that you can vividly recall. Remember the situation, check the surroundings and try to look into the details of that memory. When you are able to see it in detail, try to understand the lesson of that situation and how it has affected your life till now. Ask yourself how your life would be different now, without that first lesson.

Come back to the present moment and digest how every single memory and situation forms the person you are in the NOW. It takes great courage to look into the core programming of our mind.

Core beliefs – The Human DOS (Disk Operating System)

If you know a little bit about computers, you would recognize the abbreviation DOS – disk operating system. No computer can run without an operating system. You can install different programs based on this operating system, but changing the software requires a software engineer.

But even before installing an operating system, we have another system in place called BIOS (basic input/output system). This is the program a personal computer’s microprocessor uses to get the computer system started after you turn it on. It also manages data flow between the computer’s operating system and attached devices such as the hard disk, video adapter and keyboard.

Recognize the matrix? The software of your own beliefs. May you be able to change it!

In a human being, the BIOS is attached to the naked body/mind structure. It also has embedded within a self-healing algorithm, enabling us to heal our body cells. The body has the ability to endlessly regenerate.

We are born immortal. We are born with abundant health. We are blessed with an energy system that allows us to live and adapt to the environment conditions of the planet. We are born to live and reproduce. Unfortunately, we are also self-learning beings.

I bet the last paragraph sounded strange to you, because you are already running a program that gives you different information than the above, similar to my story in the next paragraph.

A Story of a Taxi Driver in Malaysia

The driver who picked us up from the airport was a pleasant middle-aged man, talkative as most taxi drivers are. His English was good, same as most of the Malaysian people we met. After a long flight, you just want to reach your hotel room as fast as possible, to shower and rest. However, it was an interesting conversation, mostly a monologue from his side, as I prefer to listen rather than to talk usually.  

At one point during the long car ride, he asked a philosophical question, which I found a bit surprising and unusual. He asked me the following:

“What are the three irrefutable things that every person must experience in their lifetime?”

Rightly assuming his question was rhetorical, I kept silent, allowing him to unfold his answer. He continued:

“The three things that nobody can change are birth, disease (decay), and death. Anything else a person can influence, but these three are impossible to avoid!” – said the taxi driver, using the decisive tone of voice of someone who has mastered the wisdom of life.

I was not surprised with his beliefs. He represents the vast majority of humans on Earth. This belief is a programming which has been installed in the human mind over and over again. But it is after all just another belief, just a programming, just another software which can be either upgraded or unlearned.

Abundant Health. Life without Ending

What if the mastering of our body and mind is possible to the extent that we can achieve and maintain a perfect state of health and wellbeing, and as a result slow down or maybe even stop aging?

Seeing is believing. Who made a decision to establish the levels of possible and impossible? I truly believe that, when we want to believe something, we can make it part of our reality. That is why the slogan of Ki Train has been a futuristic one: “Everything you can imagine is real” – a quote which was initially written by master Pablo Picasso.

As illustrious professor, Dr. Michio Kaku, describes in his bestselling book “The Physics of the Impossible”, scientists must unlearn everything they’ve learned in order to come up with new revolutionary theories of reality.

Imagination is the last frontier when it comes to breakthrough discoveries. Newtonian Physics functions only at the macrolevel while Quantum Physics describes the microcosmic laws. Watching a Star Trek episode from 40 years ago shows the reality of now. We didn’t have smart phones or holographic technologies at that time, and yet, they imagined them as part of the future reality.

Qi Gong has been practiced for thousands of years without needing the proof of quantum physics that everything is fundamentally made of energy. Ancient Masters of Energy have learned how to read auras long before Kirlian photography was accidentally invented by Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian in 1939, when he discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate.

As we keep digging more and more into technological discoveries, we find that they have created huge UNLEARNING opportunities for humanity. Despite saying this, believe it or not, there are a few out there who still think that the Earth is flat.  

The YIN and YANG of Learning

Every day we learn and experience new things through our senses. Our mind is a blend of YIN and YANG. The conscious mind is predominantly YANG and the subconscious mind is mostly YIN. When we actively think about something, we involve our YANG part of the mind. When we are in silence, listening to our mind, we involve the YIN part of our being. The fast pace of the world today has imposed on most of us a tremendous momentum (YANG) that we don’t even have time to stop (YIN) and question the way things are.

Our every day decisions are influenced by the conscious mind (YANG) without taking the time to listen to our inner opinions (YIN). We give our intuition a superficial role or we ignore it completely. Our inner being knows what is best for us, but we are unable to recognize it.

The Body Never Lies

We tend to underestimate body intelligence. We guide our decisions mostly based on logical thinking algorithms, built upon belief systems accumulated since birth. Our body is linked to our higher self in unimaginable ways. If properly asked a question, the body never lies. Learning a muscle testing technique may save you Time, Energy and in many cases, Money. Whenever in doubt about making a decision, ask your higher-self and listen to your body. Test it, try it, experience it. Find out more by learning the Ki Train method.

Unlearning Process

Self-healing is a continuous process. We are adapting ourselves to the ever-changing environment. And yet, many get sick, sooner or later. What is the main cause of diseases? The mind programs. Once we learn something, it becomes hard to overwrite it. The only way to place ourselves on the true path of healing is to learn how to UNLEARN the old programs and beliefs.

Fears, regrets, guilt and shame, anger and sadness are just a few of the emotions which eventually lead to interruptions in the mechanisms of self-healing. But all these emotions are nothing but attachments to the past, and letting go of the past will allow letting go of the emotions too. The present moment must be accepted as it is: a gift. It is not polite to reject a gift. It is not polite to judge the gift based on your expectations. A gift must be treated as a gift, accepted with gratitude.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the top schools in the world teach mostly about learning, without giving a chance to the process of unlearning.

Martial arts are a life metaphor for unlearning. You cannot fight someone based only on your previous training experience. You need to base your defense on listening skills. We learn to listen with all our 6 senses, because we need all the information available. We cannot afford to miss out on details.

But how can we fight a disease? Is disease not an enemy too? First of all, we must practice an UNLEARNING exercise right now: understand that your disease is your creation! Its not inherited from your family through your genes (if you want to find out more about this, research epigenetics), it is not only the food that you ate and finally, it is not an accident either. Every manifested disease has been created by us and it is a result of a long-term belief program running in the background of your mind. The faster we identify it, the faster we can start healing.

Unlearn Something Today

Unlearning is not impossible if you really want to do it. Start questioning your beliefs! At first, your universe will capsize. Ki Train method always starts by increasing the level of awareness. Read more! Study more! Ask more questions! Whatever you have been doing your whole life may be undone if you choose so.

Question one of your habits. Question one of your fears if you still have any remaining. Question one of your thinking patterns. Question one of your beliefs. Be ready for unexpected answers when you start asking questions. EMBRACE the process of UNLEARNING.