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Tai Chi, Placebo and the Magic of Water

Ever wondered how homeopathy works? Studying the molecular structure of water may provide answers. The molecular structure of water changes according to the environment.

By all means, water is alive!

The human body is built on water. We need to allow it to be in its purest natural state. The powerful practice of Tai Chi keeps the body supple and flexible, relaxed at all times, not permitting for the sensation or state of body stiffness to exist.

Bruce Lee, arguably the most famous martial artist of modern times, once said :

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

Water is formless. Our bodies are made of water, which we can reshape with our mind

Secrets about Water

Water is the key element to understanding life as we know it on our planet. Many experiments have proved that water contains a secret language. Every single thought and emotion affects water’s molecular structure, creating an alphabet of life language. The Earth is covered approximately 76% with water. Water is the juice of life on Earth, or as some like to call it, the blood. Earth sweats just like we do; bleeds like us. It has veins and arteries (spring water). Water’s magical properties (science labels them as water anomalies) have supported life in the most extreme conditions Earth has been through, such as the ice age.  

Tai Chi movements are circular, slow and focused. Water’s movement in nature is circular too. Water in the liquid state, has no form. It is the most acceptant of all other elements (wood, fire, earth, metal), having the capacity to embrace any form in nature (gas, solid, liquid).

4° Celsius Paradigm

The water has the power to defeat gravity, unlike any other element on Earth. Springs find their way above the ground, giving us refreshing blessed water at the temperature of 4° Celsius. This is also the temperature that keeps water at its lowest possible volume (highest density). From there, if the temperature increases or decreases, the volume expands. The latest discoveries also show that the water structure follows the Golden Rule between the two Hydrogen connections with the Oxygen. This only happens exactly at 4° Celsius.

The idea of randomness is just an illusion. Those believing in coincidence should think again, or study more with an open mind and enhanced imagination.

By understanding how water behaves in different circumstances, we will be able to understand ourselves, the inner deeper levels of our existence.

The fact that the volume always increases above and under 4° Celsius may sound irrelevant at first, but this is one of the reasons we are still alive even after Earth has undergone ice age periods. An iceberg floats because its volume has increased which lowers its density, making it lighter than the water it floats on. If the ice would be heavier than liquid water, it would crush everything underneath, due to its immense weight.

Being lighter, ice creates a layer of protection above and life continues underneath, where the water remains at life-friendly temperatures.

Calmness – the Blueprint of Water

The natural state of water is calm and peaceful. A simple experiment may be done by agitating water in a cup. When there is no external stimulus, the water eventually returns to its homeostasis, becoming calm again.

Tai Chi is calm by definition. It is the water in the glass. When we practice softness and calmness, the body goes back to its homeostasis. It is an emotional reset performed through simplicity of physical movement. Some would say that water can express through storms, tsunamis or hail. Although these events happen, they do not represent the natural form of water itself, but its combination with other strong elements (winds, fire, etc.).

The molecular structure of water changes when exposed to different environments. It changes with thoughts, emotions, words and feelings. Water has a powerful memory imbibed within its molecular structure. This information becomes significant when you remember that a big part of our body is made out of water.

All our experiences are recorded within the physical body. The water molecules remember and change accordingly with the memories.

Tai Chi practice activates the calmness of water, by realigning the molecules of water in the body. We are a lake, but we throw pebbles in by allowing the environment and the monkey mind (overthinking) to bother us. Tai Chi works as a mental detox, eliminating for a little while the stimulants which affect our vibration.

Water is Ego-less

We believe we are unique, better than others, different in so many ways. We might be different in experience, in knowledge or in wisdom, but at the deepest levels of our physical existence, we are really alike.

Water is humble. Being humble means we are able to listen to our body.

Ego is part of the game of competition and survival. Tai Chi is fluid and calm, just like water in its most natural state. It is impossible to practice properly without being ego-free. That is probably one reason for which many find it ‘boring and too slow’. They can’t relax by transforming their attitude into one of humility.

Masters of Water

Throughout history, there are a few names that are worth mentioning when it comes to their understanding of water. Their work brings awareness of the superpowers of the water element.

Viktor Schauberger had an intimate relationship with the water element. Living all his life surrounded by the forests in Austria, he accumulated the deepest levels of wisdom in regards to the water ecosystem and how it is affected by the vegetation. Schauberger demonstrated the fact that the springs are alive and they die when the forest is destroyed.  Click here to watch a documentary about his life.

Essaru Emoto, born in Japan, became famous for his experiments on water. With a strong belief in the power of water, he came up with the idea of photographing different samples of water taken from different places (prisons, temples, churches, hospitals and other places).  He demonstrated that the molecular structure of water changes according to the influences in the environment. Click here to watch one of his experiments.

Luc Montagnier is a French scientist who has been awarded the Nobel prize in 2008 for discovering the HIV virus. Montagnier’s research also focused on detecting electromagnetic signals from bacterial DNA in water. Even though Montagnier has an amazing reputation due to his Nobel prize award, his work and results on water continuously face attempts to be discredited. Watch here a documentary film about his research.

Placebo is a puzzling subject for humans and the results have never been adequately explained by science. Although placebo has been considered a process based on the mind processes and beliefs, if we connect it with the fact that water can be programmed with our mind and intention, there is a strong connection we can now make to intentional healing, having in mind that the majority of the human body is built on water molecules. Food for thought for you dear reader!

Qi Gong and Tai Chi are based on moving energy within the body using intention. Their creators must have known how water works.

Ki Train Workshops

Water Programming

One of my fundamental beliefs is to be skeptical of everything until I have the proof. I always seek an explanation that makes sense. I am not a scientist, but I do believe in science. Not being a scientist by profession is an advantage, because it allows me to dream and imagine beyond the existing written knowledge, maybe more than someone who has formally studied mainstream science.

Most important scientific breakthroughs (in physics, chemistry, biology and other fields) exist only because the ones who worked on the solutions had an extraordinary imagination. This allowed them to see beyond what they already knew.  

Einstein meditated regularly while practicing imagination exercises. Viktor Schauberger did not attend a conventional school. Instead, he spent all his life in nature, observing water, trees and mountains. This allowed him to achieve an extraordinary level of wisdom. Using his wisdom, he managed to build the most phenomenal chute to transport wood from the top of the mountain all the way to the valley, a project that brought him fame at the time. Essaru Emoto didn’t know what he would find when he first started to photograph water. Luc Montagnier did not know that the experiment with water and DNA memory would work, yet he still dedicated part of his life pursuing it.

Once again, I am not a scientist. I like to demonstrate in my own way that water is programmable. Therefore, I have designed a workshop where I use a combination of Tai Chi with a Qi Gong meditation to program water. This is a special ingredient to the entire recipe, because it has the effect of balancing the logical and emotional sides of the brain. When balanced, each participant is given a bottle filled with pure water, and then guided into programming the water with a significant memory they have experienced in their life, by recalling it through a simple process during the seminar. At the end of the seminar, each participant is required to use their intuition to read the emotions stored in each bottle of water.

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The results are mind blowing, because with enough focus, the other participants are able to read the type of emotions that accompany each memory. Not everyone is intuitive and not everyone is focused at the levels of being able to rewrite the water. However, I have not had a workshop with zero results. In every seminar, I had a few participants that have managed to get their memory (or emotions related to it) identified and read by other people, just by holding the bottle of water and using their intuition.

Be Skeptical! Experiment! Believe in Self-healing

I don’t pretend to have all the answers and I certainly don’t want you to believe every word I write. The purpose of my experiment is to convince myself and others of the power of the intention, when it comes to self-healing. Managing to program the water within is a pure self-healing process that can lead to miracles.

If you don’t believe me, why don’t you give it a try on your own?

Get together with your family or friends. Play the Water Programming Game. I used the words play and game for an exact reason: having no expectations from start. Once you start having results (and believe me, they will manifest), you will start asking yourself what your thoughts do to your body every second of your life.

You may visit the article published by my friend Master Gabriel Pesa Infopathy the Magic in the Water, a thorough research on the power of water.


“Teodor seems to have expansive experience in this field and did a fantastic job. He has a natural ability to reach people. It was very informative and received comprehensive insights into internal healing. Group activities were interesting, engaging and interactive. I really enjoyed the workshop. Thank you!”


“Thank you! It was fun! And very educational too!”


“It was the perfect way to wind down after a very hectic day, grounding and balancing me. It made me sleep so deeply and peacefully, the ideal remedy for overthinkers such as myself.”


“Good morning Teodor! Thank you again for yesterday class. I have gone through huge energetic shifts, and work stress last couple of weeks and the last few days I was so off balance. And the class with you really reset my nervous and digestive system. So I would definitely like more of that.”


“I attended the Ki Train water programming workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the Qi Gong movements. I found them very centering and relaxing. I would highly recommend any of Ki Train Workshops. Teodor is very professional and personable.”