Self-Healing Remedies

Biorhythms and Self-Healing

Biorhythms play an important role in our life. The world of duality is intrinsically based on cycles of Yin/Yang manifestations. Famous Aristotle described the time as an endless repetition of space. Hermes wrote in his famous Principles that everything in this universe has a rhythm. Being aware of the natural cycles and understanding how they influence our existence, enables us to create appropriate strategies of healing in alignment with natural flow. In other words, if we know that our physical body is in a negative phase, we will use this time to rest more, rather than exhausting ourselves.

‘Small has no inside. Big has no outside’

In the last hundred years, many scientists spend their life trying to extend the frontiers of knowledge. They want to know what is ‘on the inside’. They have broken things down into molecules, atoms and electrons, smaller and smaller particles, and even sub-atomic particles. Each time they think they have found the smallest ‘thing’, they find another even smaller. And each time they look they find something different. It is as though these things create themselves. As Quantum Physics describes it: the observer creates the reality. More than 4000 years ago, you can find in the old Chinese Manuscript I Ching a famous quote: “Small has no inside, big has no outside” and “From nothing comes something”

Modern science tries to discover new things, but new things can only be rediscovered, just by looking at the past. The principles of Yin and Yang, Five Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) and Ba Gua already tell us the principles of the universe.

Biorhythm 101

When you analyze a concept, start by understanding the etymology of the word. In this case the word comes from Greek language BIOS =life and RHYTHMOS = rhythm, repeated phenomenon. If both words are together, they refer to the regular repetition of a state or movement inside a living organism.

Just by looking at the YIN and YANG diagram we can intuitively recognize the cycle patterns. Based on the Yin and Yang model, we may give countless examples: breathing – inhalation/exhalation; day and night; moon phases; menstrual cycle, and many more.

There are plenty of applications available to download on a smart phone. I use the following app on android:

While being in the mother’s womb, the baby and his mother share the same biorhythm. The biological clock starts on the day of birth and continues to unfold as time goes by. Understanding what each point on the graph above means, provides us with the awareness and the capability of creating a personal strategy of self-healing (in other words, to avoid the risk of illness and accidents).

During the positive phase, the human body has access to more resources of energy, which are being utilized in different areas (physical, emotional, mental). During the negative phase, the organism needs to recover and rest. This needs to be analyzed on a case to case scenario, because this is a general view, not taking into consideration other elements in our life. For example, recovering after a surgery, being on certain medication, after running a marathon the phases will be affected according to one’s specific life.  However, as per my personal observation for many years now, the cycles are visibly affecting my life and of my students or people I know, after analyzing their biorhythms.

The most significant moments in a cycle is when positive changes to negative and vice versa. When Yin becomes Yang, and Yang becomes Yin there is a critical moment which may lead to energetical disruption in our life. This moment may be associated with a bulb (not LED but an old type electrical bulb), which burns out without any reason. The bulbs burn almost all the time when the electricity shuts down abruptly, or the switch is pressed suddenly. As a curiosity statistics reality, the bulbs tend to burn more when the electricity is shut down, therefore when the positive becomes negative.

Critical days require to act with increased prudence, because the body is predisposed to accidents.

Body – Emotions – Mind – and their corresponding cycles

After many years of observations, scientists identified that from the moment of birth, there are 3 main cycles that repeat over and over again. When they overlap in critical days, it is advisable to spent some time in self -reflection, meditation, self-observation. It is preferable to be an observer during those days.

Overlapping of cycles

Physical cycle (23 days) is about physical strength, the power of the immune system, the general body state. As in the positive state, without even realizing, we are spending more vital energy (the first 11.5 days), when we change to the negative side, we have less resources. Ki Train Method is about energy efficiency, so whenever we reach the lowest negative cycle areas, we should still have plenty of resources. Diet, fasting, exercising, meditation, Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Qi Gong are just a few of the remedies we use in combating the lowest moments of the physical cycle.

Emotional cycle (28 days) involves the emotional sensitivity, the mood and the way we perceive the outer as well as the inner world. The Critical days may be experienced through emotional instability, no patience, and maybe anger. It is better to avoid important meetings that may turn into confrontational situations. The Emotional cycle describes the levels of energy of an individual.

Intellectual cycle (33 days) is about memory, learning capacity, ability to focus and logical thinking. Study is better done during the positive phase. Critical moments may be associated with lack of attention and concentration. It is a time for meditation and introspection.

What to avoid during critical days

Everyone’s life style is unique. No matter how chaotic or unhealthy life style we have, the chances to get sick during critical days is significantly higher. An increased attention to body inner language may save us from illness and accidents. Decreasing the stress levels, less alcohol and drugs, a healthy diet and a good sleep are the least we can do for ourselves during the critical times.

Math – Language of God

If I didn’t manage to get your attention so far, the next paragraph is mind blowing. Nothing is random. The gestation periods for different animals are multiple of 23 or 28 days. Is this not crazy!!??

The stork decided to deliver babies using 23 or 28 days as main reference
AnimalGestation period
Mouse1×23=23 days
Weasel3×23=69 days
Leopard4×23=92 days
Pig5×23=115 days
Orangutan12×23=276 days
Rabbit and Squirrel1×28=28 days
Possum, Mole and Cat2×28=56 days
Deer6×28=168 days
Horse11×28=308 days
Camel14×28=392 days

For birds, we find similar numbers when it comes to hatching periods. For chicken is 23 days, for many other birds (lark, cuckoo) is 28 days.

Qigong and Biorhythms as recommended by Daoist Masters

After observing the patterns of energy throughout the body, each of 12 meridians has been allocated a certain time (2 hours) during the day. During this 2-hour period, each meridian is getting maximum activated.

1-3 AMLiver
3-5 AMLung
5-7 AMLarge Intestine
7-9 AMStomach
9-11 AMSpleen/Pancreas
11-1 PMHeart
1-3 PMSmall Intestine
3-5 PMBladder
5-7 PMKidney
7-9 PMHeart constrictor
9-11 PMTriple heater
11-1 AMGallbladder

Ki Train Method has specific Ba Gua Qi Gong practices for each organ/ meridian. Practice may be done throughout the day, but the most efficient time is to follow the timing as per the above table.

Final conclusions

No matter how extreme or hard a situation is, it will change. Based on what we learned about biorhythms, it cannot continue forever. Natural events balance themselves out by seeking their opposites, and this process itself is at the core of the healing process. This takes time. All life is continual destruction and healing, over and over again. That is why, in the midst of an extreme situation, the wise are patient. Whether the situation is illness, calamity, or simply a negative feeling, they know that healing will follow upheaval.

May you find your inner peace, regardless of your today’s biorhythm!