Self-Healing Remedies

Intentional Self-Healing

The self-healing process is a mind/body built-in program. The human body is programmed to renew its cells, tissues and even entire organs. The mind and body communicate through energy fields (Ki), in a two-way interface. Our immune system is fueled by our vital energy. Believing that our immune system is purely a chemical/biological system is an illusion. It is actually mostly energetical. Becoming a master of your energy may very well lead to a perfect state of health.

Invisible Self-Healing

When we get injured, the mind directs healing energy to the affected area. It is a self-defense mechanism which does not need our direct participation. We can recognize its activation through manifestations of bleeding, inflammation, congestion, heat or other processes which are only intended to accelerate the healing of the injured physical area.

A swollen knee requires attention for self-healing

All of the above effects come with a feeling of discomfort (i.e. pain), meant to make us aware that we have to perhaps be careful not to continue injuring the same area, at least until it is healed.

The Ki Flows where your Attention/ Intention Goes

This is the fundamental belief of internal martial arts practitioners. It is also the tenet of all ‘positive thinking’ books, which I truly believe in. Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy, Anthony Robbins and Stephen Covey are examples of modern-day titans of positive thinking. They all use the same concept when teaching people how to materialize the life they desire.

Since this is a blog about self-healing, I will talk about this in the context of health. For those of you still unconvinced by the paragraph title, I would like to demonstrate its truth by analyzing the concept of pain.

There are two ideas that make me believe that energy really flows where attention goes:

Idea #1 – Pain is a Wake-up Call for Attention

Pain is an alarm for the mind to focus on a certain area of the body, which automatically sends the energy flow there. If there would be no pain, the body would still heal but maybe not as fast.

Idea #2 – Pain Cannot be Multitasked

If you have two separately injured areas in your body, you will only feel the pain in one area. To me, this is a clear demonstration that our mind prioritizes healing by sending more energy to one area. Multitasking again proves to be erroneous.

Develop your Focusing Skills

As we have demonstrated that we can use our mind to send our healing energy anywhere in the body, the ability to focus becomes imperative for those seeking to be in perfect health.

There are many ways to exercise focus. I personally prefer practices which involve the simultaneous usage of mind and body. Reading a book, learning a new language, solving a mathematical exercise, playing chess or any sport are just a few ideas widely available. I cannot omit mentioning internal martial arts because they are truly designed to teach you to focus both mentally and physically, at the same time.

The world as we know it is designed to turn us into mental drifters. We are programmable creatures by nature of our conscious and subconscious minds. Be invulnerable to any mind control programming by working on your self-awareness. Educate yourself by unlearning. Question everything before believing in anything.

Use your awareness to see the reality you are in. Focus on self-healing!

Cultivate your Ability to Focus

Cultivation Exercise #1 – ‘Cloudy Hands’

‘Cloudy Hands’ are a set of Tai Chi movements that energize your entire aura by activating all important points and meridians. If Cloudy Hands are practiced correctly, the entire body works out and becomes more supple and flexible by the end of the practice. The effect on the brain is significantly supportive because you are repeatedly working both the left and right sides of your body. Your attention switches between left and right, activating both sides of the brain simultaneously.

Cultivation Exercise #2 – Drawing using Both Hands

Create a drawing using both your hands (left and right at the same time). Start by drawing two simultaneous circles. When you manage to draw circles of exactly the same size next to each other, you may choose a more complicated geometrical figure, such as a triangle, square or even a pentagon. When you are proficient in drawing in parallel with both your hands, try to write your name. Be patient, it may take a few months, but by the time you are done, your focusing ability will be at the highest levels.

Perfect your circles using timing and focus

Developing self-awareness may be one of our main spiritual quests in life. From being more aware about the people in our life, to aspects of our environment we have never paid attention to, knowing exactly what happens in our life is the only path to self-healing. Only when we know what’s going on will we have the chance to ameliorate any situation.

When you experience the cultivation exercises from The Ki Train Method, you have the ability to enhance your senses, which will eventually lead to increased levels of self-awareness.

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